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  1. LoveHappy

    Finding Happiness Inside...

    Hi Lackluster. I just read you are 25 years old. How many older millionaires would give up their riches and fortune to re-live your age? I bet a lot. Be happy, you have youth on your side.
  2. It would be a pretty awesome world if we could date cartoon/video game characters. They are drawn to perfection.
  3. Realize you are a strong independent person. Don't ever doubt your abilities and talents. Don't see yourself as unlovable or unworthy. We all are worthy. We all have purpose. Be positive. Wake up with a smile. Go to bed with a smile. Nothing is as bad as it seems. Everything will be ok. There is hope. Every problem has a solution. When you have happiness inside, the depression fades. Dark can not co-exist with light, light vanquishes the dark! Be happy. Be proud. Make your dreams a reality!
  4. LoveHappy

    Complicated Bereavement Disorder

    So sorry Darkling. Its sad.
  5. I force myself to brush my teeth before going to bed and before work. Until it becomes a habit.
  6. Wow! Insanity P90X. That's awesome. Can you use the same routine for your workouts on your ordinary life?
  7. LoveHappy

    not going out

    I'm sorry if the loss of your mom.I can't imagine what you are going through.
  8. LoveHappy


    Hopefully he knows that.
  9. Life is tough but don't give up. Continue trying to find a job. Sooner or later, one will appear. If you fiance is with you, he probably loves you. Don't let negative thoughts creep up on you. You are not worthless. When you find a job and straighten things out, you can work on exercising.
  10. LoveHappy


    Also, realize if he does give you a second chance, he's probably going to demand you quit your job and have no contact with that co-worker.
  11. LoveHappy


    How does your co-worker feel about ruining your marriage? He's to blame too. I'm sure he knew you were married. A respectable human-being doesn't make a pass on a married woman.
  12. LoveHappy


    chickening yourself won't solve the problem. You have to bare the consequences of your actions and take responsibility. Having sex takes effort! If you were in a happy relationship, you would not have cheated so there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Your husband probably feels like a poor sap and robbed him of his manhood. It won't be easy to undo this. His trust is gone. Without trust, you can't have a relationship. I guess the question is how do you win his trust? If you do speak to him, be truly honest. Was this the first time cheating or the first time you got caught? He's going to have suspicions. Then there is the eye-for-eye. Would you allow him to sleep with another women to undo the harm?
  13. LoveHappy

    Not in a good place

    Thanks, June322. I can see you're a good person who cares about others.
  14. LoveHappy


    "I am job searching but every closed door of rejection makes me feel like giving up." Finding a good job isn't easy. Unfortunately, a lot of people have to settle for less than there value. You aren't alone. Keep trying, but also keep expectations low.
  15. LoveHappy

    I Hate My Life!

    Justanorthersuffer, You are not a lunatic. Don't worry about other people think. Let them look! Who cares, they aren't in your shoes. Feel better, stay positive.