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  1. LoveHappy

    Anger eating me up inside

    It's embarrassing when it happens. It makes you feel dumb. Try to forget about this incident. At the next meeting try to focus on what they are saying, don't let your mind wander.
  2. LoveHappy

    Giving up on someone.

    I had a male friend who would spend money on me when I was in high school. I never said, "thank you", or appreciated him because it felt "gay" doing so.
  3. Is there any way you could find a man like him? Maybe online dating website?
  4. Hey Chosen. My ex gf did the same. Except she let it play out for MONTHS until I found out she was cheating. Luckily, your ex spared you and broke up with you, rather than playing with your emotions over time. Do yourself a favor tho. Block her FB, And any contacts with her. It's not healthy to snoop, it's only going to harm you mentally. Do you really want a cheating drug addicted girl friend? Don't worry about her, she's an adult let her make her own choices. She is not your responsibility. You can not save what is lost. If you beg for her back or care too much, she will think you are push-over. You'll never gain any respect from her, and if you get back together expect "cheating" like it's a no big deal. When a partner kisses your a**, "you're perfect" or "the sex is great", it's usually because they want something! Did you support her financially?
  5. LoveHappy


    Great post Rat Boy. I've been cheated on multiple times. Not one of them took responsibility for their decision. They all denied it, not knowing I had 100% proof. Most cheaters don't love their partner and are narcissistic. They ONLY care about their OWN FEELINGS. Sonalll seems to love her husband but I suspect its more comfort love or he provides something she is scared to be without. As far as her bringing the co-worker to meet the husband. Bad idea!!! He doesn't want to meet the guy banging his wife. Men have pride. That's seriously disrespectful. What if he goes psycho and harms you and your co-worker! I think your co-worker is sick person, if he's a guy, he should know about respect. And, him agreeing to that type of meeting makes me believe he's evil.
  6. "I feel like even the most mundane sounds are starting to set me off now." Are these sounds extremely loud or just annoying?
  7. LoveHappy

    Finding Happiness Inside...

    Hi Lackluster. I just read you are 25 years old. How many older millionaires would give up their riches and fortune to re-live your age? I bet a lot. Be happy, you have youth on your side.
  8. It would be a pretty awesome world if we could date cartoon/video game characters. They are drawn to perfection.
  9. Realize you are a strong independent person. Don't ever doubt your abilities and talents. Don't see yourself as unlovable or unworthy. We all are worthy. We all have purpose. Be positive. Wake up with a smile. Go to bed with a smile. Nothing is as bad as it seems. Everything will be ok. There is hope. Every problem has a solution. When you have happiness inside, the depression fades. Dark can not co-exist with light, light vanquishes the dark! Be happy. Be proud. Make your dreams a reality!
  10. LoveHappy

    Complicated Bereavement Disorder

    So sorry Darkling. Its sad.
  11. I force myself to brush my teeth before going to bed and before work. Until it becomes a habit.
  12. Wow! Insanity P90X. That's awesome. Can you use the same routine for your workouts on your ordinary life?
  13. LoveHappy


    Hopefully he knows that.
  14. Life is tough but don't give up. Continue trying to find a job. Sooner or later, one will appear. If you fiance is with you, he probably loves you. Don't let negative thoughts creep up on you. You are not worthless. When you find a job and straighten things out, you can work on exercising.