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  1. Severe anxiety and OCD after accidentally consuming too much THC edibles. Landed in ER. Prescribed Lexapro, but till that kicks in I have .5mg of Klonipin to take. If I don't take it I am so anxious I am non-functional. If I do I am roughly fine. have been taking it for 10+ days, but am trying to keep to 0.25mg which seems to work. I'll taper even further, but worried I can become dependent. Let me know what you think thanks.
  2. It is doing nothing for my anxiety, only changes other than the sexual side effects is I am yawning a lot more and I tend to feel a bit more refreshed when I wake up.
  3. I am having sexual side effects of Lexapro. I started on 10mg for 2 weeks, was upped to 20mg for 4 weeks, and now 30mg for 2 weeks. How quickly can I taper off this. I was thinking reduce to 20mg for 5 days, down to 10mg for 5 days, and then either 5mg for 5 days (or just stop). This is my first SSRI (first medication in my life actually). No other side effects though. Since I've been taking it for such a short time wanted to hear what others think. Thanks.
  4. This was BEFORE the meds really for over a year. Been through every medical test imaginable. That is why I asked about anxiety.
  5. I'd share the whole saga, but that would be a novel. Current main symptoms, palps 24x7 especially when not engaged in something (NO increase in heart rate). Most noticeable after eating or when transitioning to passive state which is accompanied by a strange drowsiness that rolls up from my chest to my face/eyes. Sometimes lasts for minutes sometimes hours. Often low level hyper ventilation feeling as well. Drowsiness started a year ago, acute hyperventilation (originally thought to be SOB) with palps 3 months ago. Haven't stopped since. Been through EVERY test imaginable, neurologic, cardio, pulmonary, autonomic, endocrine, infectious disease, all negative. Psych and PCP put me on Lexapro 2 weeks ago and started Inderal yesterday. For sure I have hyper-arousal issues. The funny thing I was anxious and worried a year ago when this all started, but now mentally I don't feel that way now... almost like my anxiety is now in my body not my mind. How can anxiety just be physical.
  6. I've ruled out most every physiological illness (endocrine /cardio /pulmonary /blood sugar/ etc.), and my other symptoms can be explained by internal anxiety/panic (palps, hyperventilation, chills/hot flashes, exaggerated startle, hyperarousal). But for over a year I have had these weird debilitating waves of drowsiness that comes and goes ONLY in my head and eyes literally every day. Example: I eat, wide awake, enjoying the food...I stop, within SECONDS or minutes I feel a physical drowsiness come to my eyes and head and watery eyes. This is like clockwork after every meal. Example: I am engaged in a very exciting video game for a few hours or a very active conversation, same thing happens when I stop. Example: The minute I start home (or arrive home) from a day out (say a distant doctor visit) I have the same drop, the longer the duration the more drowsy I am. Here is the rub...I am NEVER fatigued. I can do moderate exercise in the house and I feel fine all my symptoms go away. You guessed it...I stop exercising here comes the drowsiness NOT the fatigue. It is insane, if I could eat and exercise 24x7 I probably be ok! I am essentially homebound by this.. Has anyone with anxiety and panic disorders ever experienced something like this?
  7. Maybe its too early, but other than additional drowsiness during the day I've notice nothing good (or bad) about Lexapro. Still have exaggerated startle response, still drowsy during the day all day, still palps, still hyperventilation, still cold chills/hot flashes. I would have expected to see *something* (even tiny) by now.
  8. Thanks for the advice @caring2018 and @uncertain1. I've had complete endocrine, neurology, cardio, blood, autonomic workups (more tests than you could imagine). All negative.
  9. Is it possible to be depressed but not feel overly down or sad? I keeping thinking I have trained myself to push those feelings out of my mind, but they must be manifesting themselves in other ways because (to my mind) anyone asking me for my symptoms (and of course not hearing me say "I don't feel depressed") would conclude I am. 1. Since an illness a year ago (that was treated) that caused lingering fatigue I attributed to that illness and a bunch of false guidance from doctors made me question what was the cause of this fatigue since them. I was lead to believe my fatigue was part of my "recovery" which some said could take a year (even though the illness was treated and proved gone my repeated blood tests) 2. I am somatically hypervigilent. I spend a great deal of time especially in the last 3 months trying to figure out why out of nowhere I got "worse" and analyzing my symptoms. 3. Been to the ER twice in the past two months, which was really I guess was panic attacks had every test under the sun,...cardio, pulmonary, endocrine, autonomic, blood tests, negative. 4. I have been homebound with fatigue (or what I term constant energy drains) only leaving to go to the doctors (where I strangely feel well until I head home) for almost 3 months! 5. Along with constant fatigue, I yawn all the time, and constantly have chills in my back and very body cold (and body temp) in the AM. 6. I spend ALL my time trying to "distract" myself from my symptoms either noodling on my computer or playing video games. For over a year I haven't been to a family function, spent anytime with people doing anything fun...because I was focused on my "recovery". I did attend classes part-time in the winter and when I was there I always felt "better". 7. ANYTHING that can be seen as a passive activity, like riding in a car, reading a book, even shaving makes me "feel" worse and drained, like the mental "air space" that provides just makes room for me think about my symptoms. 8. The doctors all have clearly pointed to an anxiety component (they call it autonomic overexcitation -- akin to PTSD) where I only feel well when (say) driving fast in the left lane, playing an intense video game, and strangely again going to doctors and getting tests. 9. I enjoy eating, but I have a energy drain right after and sometimes almost fall asleep. I took my first leisure walk today first time in 6 months to push myself, felt fine, but I came home and (of course) crashed. Give all that, is depression a "diagnosis by exclusion" here ??? I have been prescribed Lexapro (4 days in) of course no effects yet, but I am worried that it will only help my anxiety and not my sleepiness and fatigue. Thank you for your input.
  10. Never taken an SSRI, took Lexapro first time last night nausea big time within an hour and then woke me with the same thing at 3AM. Can/should I switch mornings, if so should I take one this AM (don't want to double dose) or wait till tomorrow AM?
  11. Really struggling with this. For a year I have found I literally feel drastically different (energy level among other things) depending upon what I am doing and how engaged I am when doing it and what time of day I am doing it. I drive to the mall with my father walk around for a couple of hours, low energy there, energy crash when I get home worse if I get home at 3, better at 7. (roughly) same physical scenario, I drive by myself to class or two, walk around campus, seem to have energy fine, but if I come home at 3 energy crash, at 7 better. I drive in the left lane to school, I feel better than (say) when I drive in the middle lane, or even worse when (say) my mother is driving me to my grandparents. I stay at home all day, low energy, but no energy crash. I drive to the orthodonist in the AM feel fine, come home, energy crash. I drive to dentist plenty of energy, then drive to class, come home after 7 no crash. I know this sounds weird, but the pattern is completely predictable. It is almost like I have to get out, stay engaged on my own and stay out till after 7 to avoid a crash. This feels to me like I have to ride some kind of adrenaline wave staying engaged (on my own) all day otherwise I will crash. I can't see how this could be a physical problem, could this be some kind of chemical imbalance in my brain? Could depression or anxiety be at play here?
  12. I've noticed a pattern that even though I don't feel anxious all day but my body is "acting" anxious. I wake up the AM I feel immediately "winded" (what I surmise to be hyperventilating) but I feel pretty calm. Later in the day I may be on the couch same thing and when I stand up sometimes I get winded more sometimes a head rush and tingling in my fingers. HR goes up a bit BP is fine. Again I don't feel anxious. However, today just before my father drove me to the doctors I started to feel a bit anxious (as most people do, but not terrible). Yet, I started to have a mini-panic attack and kept doing everything I could to keep calm. I because more winded and started to have the numbness and spasms where your fingers curl under because lake of CO2 from hyperventilation. I made it to the doctors, guzzling water seemed to keep it at bay. My HR got all the way up to 130 (normally 70 or so) at the doctors and all along I was fighting the panic attack symptoms. HR did't go down to < 90 till several hours later. The strange thing is even during this I didn't feel anxious, it was like my body just started releasing adrenaline unconsciously and I couldn't control it. Like my adrenals have two modes, completely off... or full on. As an aside for the past year it seems I only feel ok when I am in situations where adrenaline should be active, say driving (in the left lane), going to school. When I am alone at home, just hanging around my parents, basically in a passive state I feel these strange (sometimes massive) energy drops. Are my adrenal/hormones completely shot or something? Please tell me if you can relate. Thanks.
  13. I have noticed when I see an image of a flying insect on my computer screen (or even think about seeing it) I get a strange sensation above my ear towards the top of my head (like a cold chill). Not really scared of flying insects, but for some reason this seems to trigger a hypersensitive reaction. Also, I have noticed I have an exaggerated startle response to (say) the doorbell and other loud noises. What from a neuropsychological perspective could be going on here? Thanks.
  14. @Sophy thank you. Yes I have upped my salt and magnesium. When I hit the ER, I was low on potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, and vitamin D. Supplementing. Not terribly low so I don't know that could explain all the symptoms. Babesiosis, clear PCRs at 3/6/9 months (no lyme or other co-infections). Hard to explain how after 9 months that would come back into play.
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