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  1. @anon22ae I completely agree with you! So many forums are filled with those kind of people and it sickens me. So much childishness and it all just makes me sick.
  2. I usually use many forums when it comes to depression. Most of them are sadly filled with likeminded people with the same political agenda and who despise Christianity. If you don’t want to believe in God then that’s fine, just don’t go and tell people who are believers that they are stupid because they’re not. Im just sick of seeing the blatant propaganda I see on other bigger forums. Sorry if this is a bit off topic.
  3. @Camellia Thank you! It helps me a lot too, it feels nice knowing I’m not the only one who has to go through this hell every single day. I just wish I could dream away right now and not have to deal with life.
  4. @Camellia Same I just want to be alone in my bed and dream away. I’m tired of dealing with life : (
  5. I’m so tired but I’m too anxious to fall asleep and it’s getting late. I hope you all will have a good nights sleep.
  6. @JD4010 Same, here I feel understood unlike everywhere else : ( Nice Duane Eddy profile pic by the way!
  7. @Erneman Exactly! we have no clue of how Brian works and we certainly don’t have a clue of what the meds even do, even the doctors don’t know. People always try to defend and say that they’re right, but they’re not, they just don’t want to accept that what they are taking (meds) might have some bad effects on them.
  8. @Goldenspirit95 Im so sorry about that, that’s nothing that a poor little kid should experience it. I was the same when it comes to school, I always bragged about my father and his job, but no one believed me because it was too good to be true. I don’t like my mother that much either so I’m stuck here with her. I hate life so much : (
  9. @Goldenspirit95 Growing up with my mother was terrible. My father and mother split when I was born, it sucked because you could feel the intense hatred they had for each other, I just wanted to meet my father but my mother tried to keep me away from her. It’s a long story, all I have to say is that it would be so much better if we could grow up with two loving parents rather than parents who hate each other, it has effected me deeply.
  10. @sober4life It’s sick, you literally have to pay them thousands to do anything, there is so much corruption and nothing seems to help. The thing is that I’ve could found those instructions for free on the internet, why can’t I just get a massage or something.
  11. @Bree1234 Its very early for me, how is your day shaping up? I hope you’re having a good evening.
  12. @MaepleSyrup Yep, folk music is simply beautiful. I only listen to 60s folk, I like it the most. Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, Phil Ochs and even some Woody Guthrie and the list goes on.
  13. Yep, I have to agree. I’m going to keep going but I know that it might never get any better, I’ve accepted it even if it hurts me a lot.
  14. @sober4life Sounds like that doctor I have who is supposed to take care of my neck (don’t know what it’s called). Instead she gives me a bunch of stupid tasks, just give me a massage for God’s sake, I don’t want to do a bunch of excercises every single day.
  15. @BennieEddie Im glad you’ve decided to move on! You deserve to move on and feel happy instead of beating yourself up over this.
  16. I feel it too, it’s like the devil himself.
  17. Nothing is better than laying in bed half asleep, pure bliss!
  18. I love daydreams, dreaming away makes me forget about the pain.
  19. I’m always happy for others even though they’re mean to me. I’m always happy for my mother and try to be nice to her even if she treats me like dirt, I guess it’s because I know how it feels to be treated badly so I try to be kind to others or something. Same, life is like a big puzzle that you barely finish before the clock runs out.
  20. Well a song by Simon and Garfunkel really cheered me up (I am a rock). Music always cheers me up.
  21. @Lady Mozzer Morrisey is great, he’s got such a one of a kind voice. I’ve listened to most of his Smiths songs, probably one of my favorite 80s bands if not the only favorite from that decade.
  22. Hi it’s me again. I hope you’re all having a bearable day, if not then that’s okay, today has been a stressful day for me too. I’ve been listening to lots of folk music like I said earlier and I’d like to share a beautiful song by the late Phil Ochs, it’s called Celia. Words can not describe its beauty. My favorite line from the song is "If hate must be my prison lock love must be the key".
  23. @JD4010 Same, I love the snow. why retire to Asia when you can buy a nice big house etc.
  24. @JD4010 The worst part is that his hometown is sorrounded by a bunch of mountains which makes it even hotter and makes me unable to breath, it’s like a. God damned oven hahaha.
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