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  1. Yeah, Thank God! She sounds like the devil himself, I’m sorry you had to deal with such an awful mother. My mother abused me mentally and pushed me down all the time, she basically left me in some weird ass place that provides night care for kids. She probably hates me because I remind her of my father or something, or she’s just a bitch.
  2. Yeah, you’re probably right. My father is exactly like me and understands me very well, the only problem is that he’s mentally abusive and drinks too much. He always says that his part of the family has always been like this.
  3. I’m surprised Imeven alive, I had to spend some time in a incubator as well. My mother has always denied that me being born too early has had any effect on me. Every time I mention that I was born that easy I always get shocked looks. same! I listen to old music and old movies. Some of my favorite movies are from the 70s and I love 60s music. What’s your tastes in music and movies?
  4. I felt just the same way! I was born 3 months early and had a hard time fitting in, I was truly a geek and was interested in stuff that my father wanted to show me (old stuff) which meant that I couldn’t relate to the things the other kids where watching or playing. It didn’t help that I had a weird ass surname. My father used to tell me that they where jealous of me, probably, but why?
  5. I just watched the trailer for the movie, it looks hilarious and entertaining at the same time. I may give it a watch, do you think it’s any good? It took me some time to find the movie in the first place, it was censored on your comment hahahahah. What’s so dangerous about a p*ssycat hahahahah.
  6. It feels like my mother never wanted me, the things she did to me and still do is horrible. She manipulates me a and I fall for the same tricks all of the time. When she finds someone better she just goes away and then she comes knocking on my door so to speak when x person has left her, it’s so silly and mean at the same time.
  7. Same! It feels like I have to prove myself all the time because I feel like my existence is so pointelss
  8. Jesus! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been going through this for so long. My biggest fear is that I’ll be lonely and miserable all my life, something tells me that I have to deal with this all my life. Ive had depression since I was young too, I’ve always felt insecure about myself, puberty definitely didn’t help.
  9. Thanks for your recommendations, I usually pass out sooner or later. I also listen to a lot of music before I go to bed, that helps a lot.
  10. Same, I can barely sleep and I don’t feel any better when I get enough sleep either, so I don’t get the point.
  11. I’ve been having lots of sleepless nights lately, I just can’t sleep, I’m way too anxious or depressed to fall asleep. I hate having to wake up an deal with life, maybe that’s why I unconsciously stay awake, I don’t know anymore. just had to vent
  12. Welcome! Im sorry you’ve had to suffer from this horrible illness for so long, I can barely handle it. I hope youll feel at home here : )
  13. No, not where I live. I can barely meet my shrimp either because she’s always busy with other patients. I’m just scared. I haven’t been feeling so down in a long time. It’s like things only get worse and worse as time goes by. Im sorry you feel the same way Karolina. None of us deserve to suffer like this.
  14. I just want to die. I’m sick of life and it’s responsibilities
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