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  1. I couldn’t have said it better! I just feel like I’m working in a coal mine every single day with no light in sight. The worst part is that they just keep giving me tasks to do that sends me deeper and deeper from the air.
  2. I either worry about all the responsibilities I have and homework even though things are going well for me when it comes to that department. It’s just that I start freaking out whenever I try to do the things I used to enjoy because they remind me of some bad memories and make me feel guilty because I’m not doing something more than sitting on my ass all day. Does anyone else feel the same way? I just have such a hard time accepting that I need to take a day off and have some fun, my inner voice starts making fun of me when I try it, I have no clue why, maybe some repressed memories that are surfacing.
  3. @Soarsie18 I don’t want to do anything, I’m like a lazy pig, I’m surprisingly thin though, probably because of some luck in the genetic lottery.
  4. @Soarsie18 I’m so tired and bored, I don’t want to deal with life anymore. I feel like I’m going to pass out soon, but it’s too early to sleep.
  5. I hate that feeling, I wonder why, maybe a panic attack or something along those lines 😞
  6. @Soarsie18 Yep, it sure sounds like it. I just woke up from a peaceful 10 minutes of sleep, it feels like Jolted by a shocking sensation, have you ever felt it before?
  7. @Soarsie18 Same, I have a hard time keeping my focus, it’s just way too hard. Same, I actually fell asleep at around 4 AM yesterday ;(
  8. @Soarsie18 Same, I hope that things will eventually turn out well In the end, I’m just so tired of waiting all the time. I’m so sleepy, I have to stay awake though, it’s too early for me to go to bed.
  9. @Soarsie18 I get you, life is scary and inpredictable to say the least!
  10. @Soarsie18 Do you often think about giving up? I’m really sick of living like this all day long.
  11. @Soarsie18 Same, I was basically up all night. I’m so sick of living like this ugggggh : (
  12. @Soarsie18 Thank you, I barely got any sleep so that’s sad, did you?
  13. @Soarsie18 Thank you so much! I hope you’re sleeping tight : )
  14. @anon22ae I completely agree with you! So many forums are filled with those kind of people and it sickens me. So much childishness and it all just makes me sick.
  15. I usually use many forums when it comes to depression. Most of them are sadly filled with likeminded people with the same political agenda and who despise Christianity. If you don’t want to believe in God then that’s fine, just don’t go and tell people who are believers that they are stupid because they’re not. Im just sick of seeing the blatant propaganda I see on other bigger forums. Sorry if this is a bit off topic.
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