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  1. I know my PE teacher knows well but she has no clue how it feels with severe anxiety that makes your whole body and muscles hurt (plus stomach pains). Not even exercise can help, it only leaves it hurting more, even my father who never wants me taking a day off says so. I can’t convince here so I’ll have to suffer today : (.
  2. I had a panic attack today while writing my math test and my teacher told me not to be so anxious and that everything’s going to be fine. That’s true but I always keep overthinking and beating myself up over it even though it always works out in the end. Now I have to write on a podcast about poverty and my good for nothing "team mate" hasn’t written a single word on it. I’ve written pages of information. Wish me luck hahah : (.
  3. I’m sorry to hear that, nights are always the worst. Especially the lonely stressful ones. I just wish all my responsibilities could disappear and that I could have some good sleep.
  4. That’s so artificial and mean, what happened to just being kind to your neighbor. If I was her I’d written you a Christmas card and given you some cookies, I mean is it so hard to go to the store and share it with others?
  5. Yep and that’s sounds like a living hell to me. I wish people could focus on making a cure or something or at least give us a pass and not expect us to work even harder. i just wish more could see these wonderful comments. This is the truth that so many are earning and wishing they could hear from people instead of the "it gets better".
  6. I know this feels, this hopeless and painful existence that never seems to get any better, filled with numbness, pain and guilt. I’ve been trying to study but it’s so hard, my brain just won’t get it and I’ve got an unsupportive father who keeps pressuring me to act well and study well and be perfect. Its been going on for years for me. I wish I could say that there was a cure but I’m as hopeless and scared as you are. Just know that you’re strong and brave to tell this to all of us and that you deserve happiness and friends who choose you and not the other way around.
  7. I used to listen to that song all the time. The graduate introduced me to a lot of their songs. So peaceful and relaxing.
  8. I’m Tired - Phil ochs Its a really simple song but it conveys its message really well. Phil suffered from depression himself, he really puts a lot of emotion into his songs.
  9. Poor Poor Meg! I feel just the same way silly. I wish I could hold you so tight and make you feel all safe and warm. You don’t deserve this pain, none of us do!
  10. Awwww. I knew you’d like it sws
  11. JustAnotherSufferer

    F me

    I know meg, you’ve always strived to be accepted, loved and something to feel proud of but you never got it. I know you might feel like those losers at school are right, but they’re not! You’re ten times better than most of those jerks. You don’t have to try to better than them, you already are better than them
  12. That’s so sad Meg! I’m sorry that they treated you trash. Never feel guilty for what your aunt and cousin did to you, what they did was completely their fault. You where so sweet and kind to them and they had the guts to make you feel guilty and push you down And it’s so sad that they’re getting away with it. You’ve been so strong Meg and I’m proud of you!
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