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  1. reading this makes my mouth drop because i can relate to it so much. Like friends avoiding me stemming back at a very early age in life i learned i could never trust or have a shoulder to cry on in result i cut so many ppl and family out of my life for years and filled it with mediocre boyfriends and made my life about them but never got the same back so they allways fell apart. I reconnected with my family and see them often now makes me feel good to be around them. I have the greatest relationship with my sister now too and shes my biggest support system. I probably would never of been able to do these things if it was not for medication sad i know but i rather be happy then just "ok" Have you thought about that? it has helped me lots Cheer up butter cup :]
  2. i have and still do, record is 4 days without getting out of bed. Recently i did 2 days on Monday and Tuesday because Sunday was rough and got really drunk and made an ***** out of self so ill just beat my self up for it and hide in my room
  3. YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE OR CURE YOUR PAST. All you can do it accept what you did or didnt do learn as you go
  4. feel like im about lose my job of 2 years. Ive been struggling for about 6 months with this enough that it affecting my ability to get out of bad. I all ready have been written up 3 times and ive i just got dispensed last week for not showing up
  5. Well we all have bad days dont sweat it, you prob should of told her you needed to leave early that day because of school. Every thing you mentioned was %100 and should of said when she was giving you for asking. Like being understaffed. For me that would be to hard to come up with the word on the spot and think like ahh i should of said that walking out the door. I would not just leave give your 2 weeks that allways look better atleast or dont work as many days if ur able to
  6. Im 25 and it just now taken me to realize i need meds to feel normal to have to those comfortable conversions and investigating ideas and it feels great because ive never felt that before so i know it will come to a point that they stop working cuz your body get used to them. So are you at the point? and dont want to just keep trying different ones? or talk to your doctor to try something else that doesn't make you you feel slowed down. If you are working ,just so volunteer work every now and then just make you feel like you are helping the world. Jsop- true true dont give up, but therapy/physicist never worked for me tried for years with multi different ones. Got my first med from my pcp it helped ! so i moved on to a physicist they are all d***s to me but i just eat the pill to give it a whirl. Being older the side affects are not as bad if any . Which was the scariest past i think Floor2017- love the double space sooo much easier to read lol and love the way you sad live with the new you under ur circumstances, But think wideeyes is accepting that but is still hard
  7. just starting on meds its been a roller coaster...but i feel if u have to be on meds to feel better then just ok its totally ok with it
  8. thats what fathers are for....to love
  9. mornings is hard for everybody lol, but i do have days that are harder then others. I just know when i get up i have to take my medication and ill feel better in a couple of hours. Ive only recently stated taking medication and it has helped a ton. I never liked the thought about taking meds for mental health but im happier now and i think that is worth it. Maybe try volunteer work might make you feel like your doing something good. Why did you not want or try to stop using meds?
  10. ill drink after a s***ty day, ill slam down a couple just ti get a good buzz. Ive been even if i had a good day sometimes just to feel good. Do you think your drinking is becoming a problem?
  11. do you drink just to get drunk? or just to unwind at the end of the day?
  12. God does not give you these materiel things he gave you life and its up to you too take care of it. You do your best and that all that matters just be thankful for the ppl in your life and how much they do for you. If you cant work because of health issuers maybe try volunteering so you know you are doing something. Have you tried medication ?
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