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  1. Oh my gosh, its been almost 1.5 years since I posted and yet again I fell into the same trap Sorry I need to vent! I don’t really have celeb crushes, but I seem to crush on celebrity-couples, like I pretend I’m the female celeb and live a happy life with her husband/partner. NOT in love with the celeb but strangely enough with their relationship (and yes I’ve been single for ages so I guess it fills a hole). As long as they stay together, I am fine too, it doesn’t really take up more than 1 maybe 2 hours a day fantasizing and doesn’t interfere with my job, hobbies and so on. But when they break up, I am just devastated. And thats what happened two months ago. And I feel even more down than the previous times. It’s like I can’t stop thinking about it. it interferes with my daily life big time, it’s like I no longer enjoy other activities. Because I still feel sad all the time. How do I make it STOP??? I really wish I could just move on to another celeb couple but it doesn’t work that way. I try to tell myself that just like previous times it will get better, I will find a way to cope with it, that I need to keep busy. But this time it is taking much longer to bounce back, sadly. I still cry every day over this. Which is ridiculous, I know, because I didn’t even know these people and I am NOT them. I wish I could just get RID of this latest celeb couple obsession and move on to the next but it doesn’t work that way of course. More likely I wil just start fantasizing about them getting back together and then get hurt all over again when that doesn’t happen and one of them dates someone else (happened with previous celeb couple). *SIGH* I keep telling myself it WILL get better. It did previous times, but this time it is just taking too long to feel better. ETA I will read up on the maladaptive daydreaming because I recognize a lot of myself in it.
  2. Interesting! I tend to like private celebs & celeb couples more. I had one celeb couple obsession (my 'obsession' problem) where after they broke up one of them suddenly went from being very private to very public, flaunting everything to the paparazzi, IG and it made me dislike him because I feel he is being fake. So it's sort of reverse for me.
  3. Hi, So glad to have found these threads. Need to vent too. And so glad to see I’m not alone with this (because this is something I would never dare admit to any of my relatives or friends) I have had celeb obsessions for a long time too. But the past decade in a bit different way. It’s more about celeb-couples. I fantasize about their lives together, usually I’ll pretend in my mind I’m the female part. Not in love with them, but more in love with their relationship. Probably because I have not been in a relationship myself in ages. But anyway, I was pretty happy with it until about three years ago. When the couple I was fantasizing about suddenly broke up and I was just devastated, as if it happened to me for real. Ridiculous of course but it felt that way anyway, cried for days, it took weeks for the worst to be over. Then I let the fantasy take over that they would get back together. DIdn’t happen of course, but somehow after about a year I started fantasizing about another celebrity couple and felt soooo happy fantasizing about their relationship. But earlier this year they too broke up and I felt heartbroken all over again, for weeks. Then slipped into the fantasy that they too would get back together which made it a bit easier (a mechanism I guess to keep things bearable). Until last weekend when I found out the male celeb is now in a relationship with someone else, a really stupid too young girl. And yes, I feel heartbroken all over again. Cried so much this week when I’m alone at home, because my hopes of my favorite celeb-couple getting back together is not happening. I can’t keep up the ‘they may get back together fantasy’ anymore so I feel so empty right now. One friend even noticed my eyes were all read and watery and I lied that I have had irritated eyes all week. I try to keep busy, but it’s hard. I force myself out of the house on days that I’m off work, to find distraction. For some reason mornings and afternoons are much worse than evenings. Weird. I know the really really down feelings and crying will become less over the next weeks and I will probably replace it with some other fantasy ‘to protect’ myself, but it won’t be like it felt before and the thought of seeing the male celeb with this other girl in the media again is an awful one. I’m afraid this way I will keep feeling heartbroken every time I see pics of them. I wish I could ‘shift’ my attention to another celeb(couple) again, but it doesn’t work that way I know falling into another fantasy is not the answer of course, it will just bring more of the same, but right now - due to some things going on in my personal life - it’s better for me than not having this possibility to fantasize at all. PS, the really stupid thing is I should not want my fav. celeb couple to get back together because I found out he was not a good husband to her. But I’m selfish enough to want them to be together anyway so I can have my fantasy back. How STUPID is that???
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