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  1. We, humans, are too creature of nature. But we took opposite path to find fulfillment/meaning of life. Like everything in this universe, depression too serves as to balance our lives. But we fight against it. It can't be fought by medicines/doctors. But through self-awareness that we need to be more closer to nature/natural things. And then, like every cycle of day/night, summer/winter, depression will be transitioned to much happier life.
  2. Everything in this vast universe has a balance. Life tries to find a way to become in a stable state, like in a weight scale and it gets into stable state eventually. Unfortunately we, humans, don't possess eyesight to look beyond our limited views.
  3. For few moments, I was suddenly feeling thankful/proud about myself that I have some amount of empathy left somewhere within dark territory.
  4. Health insurance was indeed costly (I'm talking about German one) and I rarely went to doc. But the system was good. Yet when the final call came, it was of no use for many of my colleagues. In their last days, they talked about things that they didn't/couldn't do instead of their achievements. And that alone, took my fear away to leave a nearly 100% secure life style back in Germany. Also I believe that I will make investment which will be used for medical or any other purpose. I don't want any insurances. It's a right pain in the back to claim money from these companies. So instead, I would like to have my own (big) pan from where I will take whenever I will need. And all I want to teach our son: personal finance. I hope you will have more strength handling the situation over there. And people like you wouldn't be hated, it may just take some time for others to realize. I wish you a nice weekend
  5. It's good to know that I'm not alone thinking like that I hope this message will find you good this weekend.
  6. Still clueless about my life - why as a human and not as a lettuce plant.
  7. I can sense your "agony". I had no complain with my job, working life in Germany was too good. But after I saw few of my colleagues died at their late 40s or early 50s, I started to question about everything related to job and money. And then I resigned and returned. Now I have freedom to do whatever I like. And I should really be thankful for my job for being in this situation. I hope you will plan/work on your personal finance and hopefully you will find the freedom in coming years. You can do it!
  8. Today, I was thinking how awesomely lucky I was to have such a job which allowed me to retire in mid 30s and to be out of the race.
  9. Family and friends are so important! I am glad that you have support to fight against the depression.
  10. I somewhere read that we need to practice gratitude muscle and I believe it has such a power to lift us up from the imaginary graveyard that we sometimes dig. I applaud your mindset. I wish I would continue to practice everyday gratitude. Thanks for reminding me!
  11. Your comment made me realized that it doesn't matter how small or big, how significant or less are the facts that could make us thankful. I may not have thought this way like you did and I applaud your mindset. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I am sure you still have got lot of fight inside you. And somehow I believe your kitties and daughter are one of the important sources of positive energy you have inside. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  13. True friends are hard to come by. Reading your comment made me thinking about some in my life too. Thanks for sharing and I hope you'll be able to find true friends, soon again.
  14. I feel how much tough times you had or you're having with this disease. And your fighting spirit or inner strength is praiseworthy. Take care and thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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