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  1. I get it Logan. Tommy Hilfiger (clothing designer) designed clothes in his parents garage. He was massively talented and his business took off with no college degree, just sheer talent and hard work. However, if you read google him you will find in an interview when asked what advise he would give a young, talented person his answer was, "I'd go to school. Learn how to run a business and understand the economics of it all. I went bankrupt and literally lost it all and had to start again. If I could go back I would have educated myself while honing my skills." paraphrased. So, although you apparently have mad skills there are things you simply do not know from lack of education and experience. Be smart. Finish school.
  2. Hi Logan, I totally understand your frustration. I believe our education system does need to change, but you will probably not be in the system that long as it seems you are in your last years of high school. However, I will tell you that all those mind numbing subjects actually do prepare you for the world outside of school. Will you use Algebra? According to what you do. Do you want to work in construction? If so, you need basic math skills to make joints fit together and to understand how to cut angles. Do you want to work in the business world? If so, you need to know how to compose well written proposals. Understanding grammar is the key to written communication. Do you want to work in the healthcare field? Then you need to understand science which often pairs with math. Do you want to be a Forest Ranger? You need to understand science yet again. Do you want to be a cop, attorney, museum guide? You need to understand history and the laws of our land. Do you want to be a musician? You need to learn how to play music, train your vocal skills, understand math and accounting so you don't get taken advantage of by those who manage your bookings. If you have read all of the above I'm sure you are thinking, "YOU SUCK" (as in I suck) for pointing out the obvious but this is how life works and if you can find what interests you and work the system to your benefit then you will have BEAT the system! Hope you find your passion, research what you need to do to succeed in your desired field and DO it! Why not you?
  3. Please don't feel guilty but do seek help. Something in your life is causing you to be depressed. Obviously, you are preforming well at work or you would not have received a raise so put that thought from your mind and find a counselor to speak with. Sometimes confronting our anxiety, fear, or loss is enough to be able to shake off the beginning stages of depression and often without the aid of medication. However, if you don't address these issues you could find yourself in a deeper place that is harder (but possible) to overcome. I would also encourage you to also start an exercise routine, maybe add it to your morning before work. Exercise is a potent way to encourage our bodies and minds to be well. I've been there and these things helped me so much. I also believe my Christian faith has helped me overcome depression. Best to you!
  4. My cousin was in a similar situation. She lost custody of both her children for about 4 years. During this time she had to recover, find a job, show she could keep herself clean by doing drug tests regularly, keeping a clean house, caring for herself and bettering herself by continuing drug and alcohol meetings. My cousins parents took custody of her children and allowed her to see them in weekly supervised visits. It was really tough on my cousin and she was so angry with her parents but she was determined to overcome and overcome she did. Today she has full custody of both of her children and they are all thriving. I know it seems like your mom is punishing you but truly she is doing you a huge favor by caring for your daughter while you get on your feet. Make those weekly visits the very best you can and after you have proven yourself begin the process to regain custody.
  5. Hello Togemii, I understand where you are coming from because many people find depression a difficult thing to speak about. If you are still in school schedule a visit with your school counselor and ask for help on how to approach your mom about your depression. Your counselor may even have suggestions on who to see once you speak to your mom. I would also consider asking your mom to go with you to the phycologist or licensed counselor (at least the first time). Including your mom and letting her know why you are depressed will hopefully bring you closer and it may help your mom as well. Often more than one family member is suffering but they try to be strong and suffer alone. Remember you are strong for asking for help. Hope things work out soon.
  6. Hi David, I have a niece who is struggling with depression and is in the process of moving back in with her parents. First of all know that many people are struggling but the answer truly does lie in working on yourself. Although the therapist may not seem to be working I'd suggest to continue seeing them like others have suggested. Overtime, a good therapist can help you find the skills to improve your life. Maybe since you cannot afford to move out you could possibly sign up for a driving class. Learning to drive and be independent in some part of your life would be freeing. I'm sure your therapist could recommend a driving school. Hope you find some personal freedom soon. God bless.
  7. Hi Madi, I'm online reading posts and realizing many of us need to muster up some strength and go outside and talk to others. My neighbor just ran by to share some veggies and we started talking. One thing led to another and this person who seems to have the world by the tail was dealing with relationship issues with his birth family. He was so depressed and needed a friend but felt like he had no one. Its made me believe if I could be there for him I could also help others and that maybe I've been to hard on people. I'm going to start going out more and look at people differently. Hope everyone has a great day!
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