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  1. Since you already show signs of withdrawal syndrome on Paxil, when you decide to discontinue the medication, taper slowly and do not stop taking it abruptly. Cold-turkey, or abrupt withdrawal is pretty severe on your system and can cause many horrible effects, from rage to brain zaps to dementia symptoms. I experienced these and more when I discontinued Paxil. It is recommended to start with a 10% taper rate and then use your body as a guide whether you can go faster or slower. When I first started to taper slowly, I could do tapers of 1 MG (My original dose was 20MG), but as I got lower in doses I had to go slower.
  2. About 30% of users have withdrawal syndrome with SSRI discontinuation. I, too, suffered from this. The symptoms you experienced are from cold-turkey withdrawal, which is basically abrupt discontinuation. I hope by now you have experienced relief. Cold-turkey withdrawal is horrific and can last a long time. Many people that have withdrawal syndrome have problems when going back on a SSRI and some experience a kindling effect even after one dose. It is best to consider another option when or if you decide to re-medicate. Kindling can happen even if you are reinstating years after you've withdrawaled.
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