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  1. yes it has helped me a LOT, no side effects that I was aware of, and it's not so scary once you have a treatment. But just like ECT it doesn't last forever -- at least not for me. I need to have more like once a year.
  2. I feel like I have heard all that "why don't you appreciate what you've got" lecture so many times and however it is meant, always just comes across as a criticism — that you're essentially spoiled because you can't be grateful for the good things. And it IS hard to apply, as you say, @HL05 because it is just doesn't work. Or I should say it doesn't work for me. I can see how a person who doesn't suffer from this would think it would work, but as someone who does, I would never in a million years suggest someone do that. It reminds of when people say, "You shouldn't be depressed!!" They mean well, maybe, but it always leaves me feeling like I must be crazy for being depressed on top of being depressed. Yay!
  3. HI Sadco, I just wanted to amplify that I think this is an interesting idea. I have been having ketamine IV infusions for the last couple of months and they are really pretty amazing aside from the fact that the feeling does not last longer than a week (or two) for me (aside from the $$$$ that is). And during the last one, I was just lying in the dark room as usual and I happened to think about my father as I was going into the ketamine state. We have basically been estranged for the last four years and the a few brief conversations we've had have been extremely strained and uncomfortable. But lying there, I felt a very warm and profound sense of healing around my feelings for him. So then I started to think about my brother who I had a incredibly was incredibly awful and abusive in multiple ways to me growing up and I felt a little bit of warmth and closure even with him — though given that he inflicted so much misery, insecurity and self-hatred on me, which has stayed with me for 40 years, I doubt one blast of ketamine is going to make it all right. Anyway I say all this because it made me feel like there is a possibility of using ketamine in a therapeutic environment to target certain issues and wounds and adaptations. But these days, there's so much professional distance between the doctors who prescribe drugs (or administer ketamine), and the therapists who talk it out (who most of the time achieve nothing, in my experience) I have no idea how you would possibly ever figure out a way to find a great and trustworthy therapist who would be up for it. But I would love to try it myself. It could be like EMDR that actually works.
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