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  1. Glad to see you're stabalised on 7.5mg Jay. I was only on the drug for 6 months and I tapered pretty quickly, so I didn't really stabalise at any lower dose. I did have anxiety waves come and go throughout the taper. The problem with this quick course is that I never really knew if it was the mirtazapine causing me to dip as I tapered, or whether it was my condition resurfacing. I'm going to try and keep riding it out and see if these 'windows' can become longer and 'waves' become shorter.
  2. I used Mirtazapine to escape a crisis. Ive not been that severe luckily since last year. It seems that I stabalised on the medication and was advised to stay on it for a year but decided not to. Id like to achieve the same stability I had on mirtazapine but without medicating!
  3. Hey, I was on mirtazapine for around 6 months last year for severe anxiety, Im not sure if it was placebo but within a month I had stopped feeling anxious depressed and panic attacks dissapeared. I tapered off in march and noticed same symptoms come back as I lowered the dose. Mainly anxiety spikes. Weirdly when I stopped I had no anxiety for the first 3 weeks. Then at that point I got a little worried over something and it all started again, ive been suffering these long waves of anxiety usually triggered from panic attacks when Im stressed. Ive been battling the urge to go back on Mirtazapine but not sure if I should keep riding it out. Ive been off for 10 weeks now and things are still very bumpy, anyone here come off Mirtazapine and can describe how it feels? Should I refrain from going back on? I worry that my symptoms might be permanent even though they come and go..
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