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  1. hmmm odd, although Iv'e taken prozac for years and recently have had my dosage increased along with the addition of another anti depressent and now I feel tingling on the side of my head. Not sure if our symptoms are related but I would ask your psychiatrist about it or someone who works at the pharmacy.
  2. That sucks, especially when it weasels its way into every part of your life. Yeah and I understand why you wouldn't feel comfortable speaking about it to anyone, it wouldn't make sense to anyone who hasn't or doesn't suffer from the condition. I agree with EntranceScarden on the distraction thing, it helps when you can find something that overrides the importance of the impulsion in your mind. Iv'e also found that sometimes you just have to throw yourself into a situation even if it reminds you or is directly involving your compulsion. At least for me I have found relief from my obsessive thoughts (social anxiety), from doing that among other obsessive thoughts. Of course I don't mean do something over the top but more like try watching a movie you like despite your obsessive thoughts, or even half of it, baby steps. Try reminding yourself of the reasons you like a hobby or activity and try focusing on what you enjoy about those things, despite the thoughts that may "contaminate" your mind. Sometimes its gets easier the longer you keep trying to face your fears or discomforts but worse the longer you try to avoid those things. Hope this was of any help, pure OCD is HELL and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, I'm so sorry your going through this
  3. Wow that's pretty terrifying. Thankfully it's not broken. Was the skiing fun beforehand though? I'm too scared to get into skiing myself.
  4. No issue Epictetus, nice to meet you. I'm doing alright today, trying to put all my focus into my schoolwork and get something out of it. How are you?
  5. Hi! I'm sorry for your loss, I can't imagine losing the person closest to me. I also have adult ADHD so I understand how frustrating it can be, actually I think it contributes to depression. Anyway nice to meet you
  6. Hi rsk, I'm glad you came here to talk instead of keeping it to yourself, to even consider ending it all requires the person to feel an incredible amount of pain. I am sorry that your family members spoke so thoughtlessly to you, regardless of what caused them to say that, saying what was said was just unnecessary. Why does your family think you're an embarrassment? did they say that to you or do you feel like that's how they think of you? There is nothing exaggerated about how you are feeling and that is great that you have dreams and ambitions! that's what makes life worthwhile I think. I understand you don't want to burden people with how your feeling but I think they would much rather listen to you than for the alternative. To loose a child is probably one of the worst things that could happen to someone and most parents would never get over that loss, especially a suicide. You mentioned this is the first time you had considered suicide, have you felt intense sadness/shame/hopelessness consistently before now? If you don't feel comfortable speaking to your family would you consider maybe speaking to a councilor? Iv'e found speaking with therapists to be quite useful although it may be awkward at first. I hope things come together for you, stay interested in things and stay close to your friends!
  7. Sorry to hear you have been feeling crappy for so long Lare45. Depression just sucks the joy out of everything and life becomes either bland at best or inhospitable at worst. I found prozac to be helpful but I am trying to stop drinking any type of alcohol as I know it can hinder the effects of medication. Hope the Wellbutrin does something for you, I started taking a small dosage of it along with the prozac not too long ago and can't tell if is affecting anything yet.
  8. Yeah its too bad the holidays are over, stores are always looking to hire temp work around that time. It's good you have had a job though. Persistency is key with getting a job, although sometimes that isn't enough. Try going to the stores you applied for in person and ask if they are hiring and if yes what positions. I know most applications these days are online and unfortunately most applicants don't interact with anyone in person unless they are called in. I think it leaves a much greater impression for them to see you in person although I know doing so may be a hassle.
  9. Thank you for responding. I actually made this account in the summer and never posted but finally got myself to do it. Tearz I love the sound of wind chimes, they are very relaxing to me, like listening to the ocean. EntranceScar I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from intense OCD, it's an awful affliction/condition and especially difficult to explain to people. OCD is what I consider to be the root cause of most of my anxiety, I have a lot of intrusive thoughts that bother me when I'm just trying to be normal around other people.
  10. Yo that sucks, I know finding work can be really difficult if you don't have a person that works there to recommend you. Do you have any hiring agency's near you? Having volunteering work can look really nice on a resume too if there is a place near you that needs volunteers.
  11. Hello, my name is Allie. I have been suffering from on and off anxiety/depression/OCD since at least 13 and have been taking prozac for almost a decade now. Things have actually been pretty okay lately but the feeling of dread and hopelessness can sneak up on me anywhere. I'd love to talk to anyone who is interested and hope joining helps me feel less isolated if anything. Have a good day! or a decent one at least
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