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  1. Hi Carlamarie, it's been about a year since this post. How are you doing now? What suggestions would you give? Thanks!
  2. After 25 years of paxil (10 excellent years shortly after discovering paxil), I pressed my somewhat lackluster psychiatrist with some research I had done on diurnal mood variation (one of two parts of my illness) and said it might be a good idea to try an SNRI instead of SSRI. He didn't seem enthusiastic about it, and me being the "pleaser" I didn't feel confident with his reaction, but we went that route. After 2 weeks the paxil petered out and the effexor at 75mg didn't seem to be doing anything. Extremely painful bouts of hopeless anxiety lasting 12 hours a day (followed by a very peaceful 6-7 hours of existence) would happen each day. At 8 weeks I suggested a dosage increase. The stand-in doctor filling in for my shrink on hiatus agreed and we went up to 150mg daily. I could feel Effexor giving me SOME periods of relief but it was never consistent, and I was more vulnerable to bad news (setting me into a funk) than ever. So after 4 weeks at this new dosage, and a week of the above normal anxiety from the bad news (about a family member's health), I may have rashly requested my provider put me back onto paxil (using a weaning/building process). My theory was that Paxil's "OK" performance and me looking into some aggressive therapy including EMDR might be better. The doubt that comes with anxiety makes me wonder if I shouldn't have stayed at 150mg with Effexor for a few more weeks... but I was running out of hope and strength. I really needed to feel like I was on a road going somewhere. Maybe some stories about effexor not working for others would cheer me up... or similar stories. Please comment if you can!
  3. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is a kind of one on one treatment with a professional. The vast amount of literature mentions PTSD or some kind of traumatic incident in a patient's past as being the focus of this treatment. I fear I don't have a specific traumatic event... I'm just a natural born worrier whose brain just finally collapsed from all the adrenaline and cortisol. I need SOMETHING badly. Drugs don't seem to be doing much...at least yet.
  4. Hello Libbieann. I'm pleased to report almost no side effects with Effexor. In fact, the sexual dysfunction (LEAST of my worries) with Paxil is all gone and Effexor doesn't seem to subject any version of that. No light headedness, etc.. As for Effexor's success with my GAD and sensitivity to stress: 75mg wasn't doing a THING..nada.. like taking sugar pills. So we upped to 150 daily. Hints of improvement. If no outside stressors (like bad news about a family member's health), I was able to get back to some things I enjoyed. But..the stressors are bound to hit and after a recent one, I'm back on the couch watching TV trying to get my mind off the (irrational) anxiety and ruminating. Will ask about going up to 225 shortly. Also looking into EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) treatment which some people swear by.
  5. Had been on 75mg daily of Effexor for 8 weeks, upped to 150 three weeks ago. Was starting to notice the "scheduled" anxious morning depression disappearing and being able to function a bit better, but then recently noticed the slightest amount of outside stress would send me back into the daily oscillation. Merely hearing that my dad had some vein troubles in his leg and went to the ER, put me back into the "10 hours of morning depression and 6 hours of evening ability to work on my computer" cycle. I think I may even be stressing out about how easily I'm stressed. What a mess. Anyone been through this but has good news at the end? Losing hope.
  6. 75mg dosage. Taking at night as it seems to have a drowsiness side effect. Still suffering from morning nervousness, but doing quite well in the evenings. Is there still hope?
  7. HI Sarahrahrah92, I think your story and experience are very common. Psychiatrists (the MD types) seem to focus on symptoms only, and rush to get you in and out as soon as possible. It doesn't help that they use most of your appointment time to type your update into their electronic records either. On two occasions over my 20 year journey through depression/anxiety, it has been MY personal research which led to picking a medication to try. Paxil was the first and it worked well for many years. Recently I zeroed in on a blog that described my symptoms very closely and the drug they recommended. I brought it to my psychiatrist's attention and we agreed to try it...followed by the "check back with me in 6 months" dismissal. As for being afraid of side-effects..this aspect is greatly exaggerated in my opinion. Perhaps some initial effects will be noticed but most patients I know saw those disappear in two or so weeks, and were left at worst with minor effects like dry mouth or slightly lowered blood pressure (Bonus for many!) Now the PsychOLOGISTS are the therapists who will listen to you and help you probe through issues and causes. Also, there are many support group options: some free, some affordable, some covered by insurance. Where I'm at, DBSA (Depression Bipolar Support Alliance) has peer groups scattered across the city which meet once a week for free. Hope you're feeling better soon!
  8. Thank you Uncertain1 and BeyondWeary! I have heard of EMDR and will ask about it at the very next appointment!
  9. Hello all. This seems like good board with lots of activity. As suggested in the "new members" section I will stumble through an introduction. I am a male in my 50's, college educated, with careers in aviation and technical fields. Stress got the better of me in the early 90's and my first and worst breakdown was at that time. I had four psychiatrists over time (each would retire or relocate and pass me to the next) and each diagnosed me with clinical depression. I never felt it was an accurate diagnosis as my symptoms were "diurnal", bad from waking to early evening and then fine from that point until bedtime, and they never acknowledged this. In the late 90's I read about a drug and asked my doctor to try it on me (not sure if this is the place to mention specific drugs), and within a few months, the "bad days/ok nights" routine subsided and life became pleasantly normal for 8 or so years. After that, I seemed to become vulnerable to mini-breakdowns whenever substantial stress (such as layoffs) came along. I recently decided it was time for a new drug (an SNRI this time) and with the old drug having faded away, am awash with the diurnal unpleasantness again. I know to be patient and give new drugs lots of time to "kick in." I'm fortunate in having enough funds not to have to work while going through this. I've been a member of a few therapy groups over the years, but I'm pretty sure my problem is mostly an organic issue rather than an attitude one, however, I'm open minded with all information I get from such groups. Thanks for letting me join!
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