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  1. I would think it best to wait until you are moved. Then you can proceed with treatment there. I hope all goes well. BW
  2. I know my anxiety seems to have a mind of its own as it shows up when things are out of the ordinary and not my usual schedule. So maybe because it is a big change in your routine, you feel anxious. It helps me to tell myself that “I can do this. This is a normal thing.” Hope it works out well for you BW
  3. You are not alone. I struggle with loneliness too and being able to trust others at a deep level. Their stuff and mine always seems to get in the way. BW
  4. Welcome! Yes, I believe depression and anxiety can get worse over time. They did for me. I found I needed therapy and a good psychiatrist to help with meds along with group therapy. It took time yet it all helped me be in a better place. I wish you well in your journey and your wife too. BW
  5. I like this. Thank you! It is helpful to me. I so need to stay in the now. BW
  6. Feel for you, Mark. Do what you think is best for your wellbeing. You are in my thoughts often. BW
  7. So sorry. I feel for you. Try to be easy on yourself and do one thing at a time. BW
  8. It is so hard when you don’t have hope anymore. So sorry you feel like that. I have hope that there will be an end to this existence. It won’t go on forever. Sometimes that gets me through another day and I am closer to the end. Also I try to have hope it the little things that make me smile or forget the hardship of life. BW
  9. Feeling okay for now. Taking a day to myself to take it easy. Life out there is just too much.
  10. Welcome! Sorry you are feeling so bad. It is not your fault that you have this illness of depression. It can really make life difficult. You are not lazy. You are just worn down by this illness. This is a good place to get the support you need. We understand how hard life can be. You are not alone. BW
  11. Sorry you are struggling so. I have done a lot of pretending myself. It is hard when everything inside is the opposite of being okay. You will find support here and people who understand. Keep reading and posting. You are not alone. BW
  12. DF also needs regular supporters that can give $5 or more each month.
  13. Feeling out-of-sorts and overwhelmed by all I have to do tomorrow. Wish things weren’t so hard.
  14. There is a memo from Lindsay titled Webmaster, Technician Support Needed, Urgent that tells what DF needs to keep going. BW
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