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  1. Welcome @colcat! Glad you reached out to us here. I can understand not wanting to share with those closest to you. It can be a hard thing to do. This is a very friendly, non-judgmental place. Hope you feel at home here and find the support that you need. BW
  2. Welcome! Thanks for sharing and glad you are joining us. Sorry you have to deal with so much anxiety and depression and the heat on top of it! Hope we can be of support to you in all you are dealing with. Please keep reading and posting! You matter to us here! BW
  3. Maybe you can try an on-line therapist? Also a psychiatrist and medication could help. Social anxiety is hard to overcome by yourself. Sorry you are struggling so. BW
  4. Hi Floor! Glad you got through the surgeries. Sorry that it has hit you so hard. Hope you are doing better. You have a great, positive attitude! BW
  5. @highanxiety, sorry you are in this sad place yet glad you found someone to help you. Medication has help me a lot right now yet I still feel not quite a part of the world around me. I've had to accept my limitations knowing I can't do what everyone else is able to do and also have time in my own little world taking care of me in a loving way. That has helped me cope with this illness. I wish you good things for this new year! BW
  6. Oh, no! So sad that he is no longer with us. My heart goes out to you and all of us here. May he rest peacefully. BW
  7. my new job going well so far my new boss I, too, am grateful for TV streaming.
  8. So sorry that you are in such a hard situation. Yet you have awareness and want to be better. Hope you have or can get a good therapist to help you work through all this, someone who will be on your side and help you see things as they really are. You sound like you have a good heart so don't give up. You have value. BW
  9. Thanks for sharing about yourself. Many of us have a hard time making friends. So you are not alone in that. Hope you keep reading and posting. I could always use another friend. I am going to be losing 3 friends because of moving and they are about the closest friends I have. BW
  10. Have a blessed Christmas! So grateful for everyone here! BW
  11. Had 3 very stressful weeks. So grateful I got through them okay and I’m feeling pretty good right now. A bit surprised that I’m not in a worse place after everything. So maybe the new med is helping.
  12. Honey Baked Ham my daughter and her family no rain tomorrow when I need to drive to her place
  13. Feeling overwhelmed and very tired. My life is too crazy with too much going on.
  14. Welcome Cindy! Sorry I don't have an answer for you yet wanted to make you feel at home here. This is a supportive and understanding group of people. So please keep reading and posting. We are here for you. BW
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