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  1. BeyondWeary

    Lost and Confused

    Welcome Caitline69! Good for you in reaching out. Sorry you are struggling so. You seem in a pretty good place so it sounds like it’s him. Can you try a separation? Say something like I’m not coping well with things between us and need some time away. I so like your words - “co-habitated with my diagnosis“. I hope to get there one day. I think you have come a long way. Also, have you tried Alanon? It will give you support in loving and living with an alcoholic even if they are recovering.
  2. BeyondWeary

    Im worried

    Hang in there. I believe you can get through this difficult time.
  3. BeyondWeary

    First-time reader...First-time poster.

    Welcome Chrewbaklava! I agree with making our own choices and not just assuming the doctor is always right. I’m learning to listen to my body and my heart. I’ve needed to learn that my logical side isn’t the highest authority like I used to think. It is helpful yet I need to let my heart lead. So when I’m struggling with an issue, I ask myself what does my head say and then what does my heart say. It helps me separate the two. I also know that inner battle very well. I also believe that what doesn’t **** us makes us stronger. There is more value in perseverance then we realize. Keep fighting and keep posting.
  4. BeyondWeary

    Wanting to give up

    Also, you are not a loser and you are not a freak. I believe you must have some good in you. Negative self talk can do such damage and we don’t even see it happening.
  5. Your mom is a brave women and so are you I think. How can you let someone disrespect your mom and not say something. I’ll pray that they move out soon. I feel for their daughter too. Hang in there. You are stronger than you know.
  6. BeyondWeary

    Wanting to give up

    Give us a chance as there us a lot of delays as to when people check in. I’m not a guy but strong antidepressants help me to have a very low if at all sex drive. Maybe see a psychiatrist or therapist. Hang in there. This may be a hard subject for some to discuss.
  7. BeyondWeary

    Keeping my sanity

    Hello! I have gotten a lot a support and a place to belong here which has always been a hard thing for me. I’m going to be off line for a week and a half if anyone cares ( I guess I need someone to care). I hope I can keep my sanity in good care while I’m gone. It is a vacation with good people yet even then it can be hard sometimes. Thanks for being here!
  8. BeyondWeary


    Hi sarahbeth24! Sorry that things are so harder than hard for you right now. Your illness is in a difficult time so even that you do something says a lot about your endurance. Have you already tried therapy (EMDR therapy), a psychiatrist, and medication?
  9. Hi GoldenOne! Sounds like you have persevered a lot. What helps me is to know and believe the good things God says about me in the Bible. Then as the thoughts come, I picture them like a river flowing by. Some I chose to engage with, others I chose to let go on by, and the ones that jump out to get me, I check out to see if it’s true and if not I throw it back in. Don’t know if this would help any but hope things get better for you.
  10. BeyondWeary

    So Frustrated

    Welcome downunderu! Sorry that you are in such a hard place. Have you looked into doing EMDR therapy? Maybe it could give you some relief.
  11. BeyondWeary

    cause of depression

    Hey David. A lot you mention is circumstantial and you do have some hard ones. Yet what about the power you have to see and relate to things differently? I think struggles are our teachers and they are there for a good reason. Even if you could change all of your circumstances to the way you liked, would that be just like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?
  12. Welcome Jason! Thanks for sharing. Past experiences can affect us in the present when triggered by similar feelings. There is a newer therapy available called EMDR and it helps to bring closure to past experiences and let your brain file them away so they don’t keep getting triggered to the present. Maybe you could check into it. Keep posting.
  13. Welcome Shannonx! Glad you are here. I find that this is a supportive community. Hope you find the encouragement you need to keep going. You are not alone. For me, flossing is torturing. Showers and getting ready in the mornings are very hard. Exercise and cooking dinner are impossible right now. Doing laundry is like pulling teeth. Hang in there with us and keep posting.
  14. BeyondWeary

    when will this all end?

    I feel for you. I do think a therapist could help, and keep posting here. You belong and you matter.
  15. So sorry that you have to deal with this. I would be praying a lot. Can you sell the house? I don’t think you should go with your mom. It would put you in mental distress I think. Can you get a supportive male friend to go with her or a group of people? Go through the process of getting them evicted? Maybe it will work better than before. Praying that you get the miracle you need.