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  1. Feeling better today. I am tired of negativity and fear having so much power over me. I'm taking my power back! I'm going to work on being grateful for what I do have, take it easy on myself, and just live one day at a time.
  2. BeyondWeary


    It sounds like the depression is talking to you very loudly. You don't need to buy into all that it dishes out. It is just a bunch of lies that seem true at the moment. Don't believe it. There is just as much potential for good in you. I know it is hard but don't give up yet. Something good could be just around the corner. BW
  3. It helps me to remember that I have old pathways in my brain that are deep. Yet I can create new pathways that are healthier and they will deepen over time. I also imagine the habit as something that is really slow acting poison in disguise. This help me choose differently. I wish you the best on your endeavors. BW
  4. Sorry you are in such a hard place and that nothing has helped. I sometimes feel that my life is just useless and what is the point to just barely survive. Hope you find something that helps somehow. BW
  5. Welcome! Thanks for your sharing. I can relate to pretending all my life that I was okay and normal yet inside I feared there was something terribly wrong with me. I was always trying to please everyone which was so draining. I didn't know until much later that I have an illness that I didn't cause and can't control. I was finally able to get some help for myself. Hope you keep coming back, reading, and posting. You are not alone in this. BW
  6. I feel for you. Life with depression and anxiety is beyond hard. It leaves us with little options but to try and survive each day. Even trying to be grateful for what I do have doesn't help that much. So sorry you are suffering so. BW
  7. Welcome! Glad that you reached out and found us. I can relate to your story. I work a job that drains me each week and I need the whole weekend to recover. Just normal stuff is hard to do like brushing and flossing. I'm on medication which helps some but I still have a lot of anxiety. I can understand how hard it is to live with. Hang in there with us. You are not alone. BW
  8. I'm feeling discouraged today. I'm having a hard time accepting this difficult life I have that is going to get even harder next year. I don't think I can face it.
  9. Welcome! Glad you reached out to us and were able to share so honestly. Hope you hang around here, reading and posting. You are not alone. BW
  10. I agree. People with depression may not have the energy at times to respond or be proactive. I would keep gently requesting to do something together and if he doesn't respond, just give him some time and then ask again or just let him know you still care. You have a good heart. BW
  11. I feel for you. Loses are hard to take and it takes a while to get through the grieving process. I know I have needed to grieve some relationships where the person was still around but were unable to be in a healthy relationship with me. I have found that other relationships do come along to replace the ones that I had lost but it takes time. Hope things work out for you and you get through this hard time. BW
  12. You have value to us here. Don't give up yet. You are a survivor or you wouldn't be on this site.
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