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  1. @nojoy I’m so sorry for all you are going through. It brings tears to my eyes. Oh how I wish things to get better for you. To be doing so well and then to be knocked down so hard is just the worst. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
  2. Welcome! Thanks for being brave enough to reach out to us and share what is going on. I find depression can do awful things to my thinking and attitude that are hard for me to overcome without help and support. So don't be hard on yourself. Depression can be an illness that you didn't cause. Negative thoughts are part of this illness. Yet it can get better. So don't lose hope. Many of us find it easier to pretend we are okay because others just don't understand. We are here to support you as best we can. So keep reading and posting. It may take awhile to get responses as we all have a lot going on. So please hang in there with us. BW
  3. Welcome @TrytoFly! Thanks for joining us. I have found this a safe place to share how you are feeling and what is going on. Feel free to share more of your story when you are ready and we will support you as best we can. I like your screen name. BW
  4. I, too, welcome you! I can understand how isolation and being different from others can be very hard to live with. Glad you reached out to us. Hope we can be a good support to you through this time. BW
  5. Welcome! I have found this to be a safe place to share whatever is going on. Glad you joined us. Look forward to hearing more from you. BW
  6. Welcome! Thank you sharing what is going on with you. Hope you keep hanging around with us for a while and that you can get what you need. BW
  7. So sorry for what is happening. You are in my thoughts and prayers. BW
  8. I'm happy for you! Glad things are turning around and that you have things to look forward to and be grateful about. Keep up the good work! BW
  9. Sorry, I'm not sure either but just wanted to welcome you. Hope you get through that okay. Let us know how you are doing. BW
  10. I can understand about a job weighing you down. My took a lot of energy and I used the weekends to recover. Now I'm at a better job situation and it makes a big difference. It doesn't hurt that my meds are finally working good for me. Your mental health is very important. Losing the money could be less painful than losing your sanity. It sometimes take us a while to respond as we all have a lot going on so hang in there with us. BW
  11. Welcome, Jon and thanks for sharing! Glad you can be a part of our support community! BW
  12. Sorry you are going through that. Would it help for you to put something in writing and leave it on their desk? BW
  13. Sorry things are so hard on you. Wish I could make it better. BW
  14. Yes, thanks for sharing! Anytime you can be here is just fine. You do matter! BW
  15. I just let it pass by and don't really notice. Life goes on anyway. BW
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