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  1. Whops , most of them were a******s* With others I simply didn't click Others simply left after a talk. It's hard.
  2. I think keeping myself busy is a good idea but sometimes I just wish I had someone. I hope you can make friends with someone soon as well.
  3. Yes I didn't because as I said, most of them were a******s.
  4. And how can I be a friend if I am friendless?
  5. Basically I am friendless and lonely for months. While in the first months I didn't mind it, last month I realised something that makes me very conscious about it. I often feel miserable. If you ever wondered, yes , there are people with no friends. Nothing. They are completely alone. In my situation, I can't make friends irl because no one likes me there and I am mostly ignored and treated like . I tried online too,but I didn't click with anyone and most I met were a******s. So the only way for me is to cope and get used with it. What can I do to cope with it? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm not older but I am in this situation. Sometimes I have something awesome to share but no one I could share that thing with. When I feel like I have no one to talk to, but I am used to suffer alone. Sometimes I miss having someone to talk to, about anything.
  7. Just a 17 y.o. who is depressed and friendless,trying to survive this hell called life.Joined to find people whom I can relate to and help. Anyways nice to meet you all!
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