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  1. I had a crush towards the end of my time at university. I never asked her out, but she knows I liked her. She likes me but not the same way I do. She's so nice to me, chats with me, looks out for me and is very supportive of me. We haven't interacted for 6 months cause I finished uni but I always imagine what she'd say if she was next to me and reply in my mind. Here's an example. I watch an excessive amount of sport which affects my social life a bit. She's told me that a few times before. The other day when I was watching football, I imagined her saying "What have we talked about?". I then reply to her in my mind, "I know, but I'm sad and it's easy to do." Stuff like that. Silly I know. How do I make it stop? PS. I'm also angry and snap a lot now for some reason.
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