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  1. I am sorry you are struggling. My first suggestion is don't be so hard on yourself. We are our worst enemies. We spend too much time comparing ourselves to others and forgetting what makes us special. I had to learn to change my perspective and find joy in the moment. Things will happen in life like a speeding ticket, or breaking an important item, like I did yesterday. But instead of looking down at my self and thinking badly - I realized we all make mistakes and can usually learn from them. Like next time be watching our speed better or move the fragile items before doing anything else. God has made each one of us uniquely and wonderfully made and there is not one of us the same. We each are designed with talents and gifts. We may not know for sure what they are, but God does and will disclose them through prayer and experiences. Think about what you are good at and what you are passionate about. Those are usually your talents. I just recently went to a local career center and they helped me with finding what are my most successful skills. See if you can go visit your local career center. Try making a list of what you think you do well, I bet with some time you will have a pretty long list. Don't let others bring you down. You just need to remember to change your perspective to a positive one. Prayer is important too. God will help you see your gifts, just pray and ask Him. I will be praying for you. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Hugs!
  2. Welcome to DF. We are glad you reached out here. We all understand the struggles with depression. We want to listen, care, and encourage you. Are you getting professional help for your depression? How long have you been struggling? I struggled for over 20 years on and off. With the right medication to keep my chemicals in my brain balanced and learning what my triggers are, I have been doing well. I just need to remember to keep my thoughts right, give myself a break and not be so hard on myself, and keep my perspective to realistic thoughts. It takes practice but it is possible to keep your thoughts positive and practical. Please feel free to reach out here anytime. We are here for you. If you want to go into more details with what is going on in your life, you are welcomed to pm me. I am happy to listen and encourage. Just know you are at not alone and things will get better with the right help and time. I will be praying for you. HUGS!
  3. It looks like you have a good plan. I will be praying for your daughter and your family. You are doing a great job showing your daughter how much you care and are there for her. With the right help, she will find ways to cope and learn how to avoid falling into deep depression. Do they provide recreational therapy as an inpatient? My daughter had that and she was able to be creative. That helped her not be so much in her thoughts. Please continue sharing, we are here to support you too. What you are going through with a severely depressed child is very hard. You need support for yourself and your spouse. We are here for you. Lots of Hugs!
  4. If you would like some helpful articles please pm me. I found some that can help you understand more about depression and how to help a loved one that is struggling. I will continue to be praying for you and your family.
  5. Just checking up to see how your daughter is doing? Did you find any help for her? My prayers continue to be with you.
  6. I am so sorry your daughter is struggling. It is good that she opened up to you. My daughter struggled with depression for awhile when she was in 8th grade. She actually was to a point of cutting. My husband and I didn't find out for a while. It took a friend of hers to share with the school counselor for us to f ind out. My daughter did need to be hospitalized for about a week so she would be safe. We were overseas so it wasn't the best mental hospital facility. What we found is you need to find the right therapist that your daughter can relate and feel comfortable sharing with. It also takes time to find the right medication and dosage. Zoloft is not always the solution for everyone who struggles with depression. For us Wellbutrin works best. Also, each time the dosage changes, it make take several days to see a difference. You and your wife are doing a great job showing your daughter how much you love her, are there for her, care, and seeking the best help she needs. I will be praying that you find the best facility for your daughter and that she gets the treatment she needs to feel better. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you. Please keep in touch and let us know how your daughter is doing. Hugs to you my friend. My heart goes out to you.
  7. Putting on a mask isn't healthy for us. Try to surround yourself with others who understand. Being in this support group is a good start. We know how hard depression can be. Please feel free to share anytime about how you are feeling. We care and want to show you love and support. I am praying your week goes well and that others around you can be a support. Hugs and Blessings.
  8. I am so sorry that you are struggling with depression and anxiety and that it leads to nausea. I have felt that way at times. I take tums for most of my stomach discomfort. Are you sure your nausea is due to the anxiety only? Have you been to a doctor to see if it is not something else that is causing your nausea? Did you start a new medication for the depression? When I first went on my depression medication, it caused me nausea because it was too high of a dose. It was actually a funny situation because I thought I was pregnant with all that nausea, but later found out it was a side affect of the medication being too high of a dose. Once we regulated my medication, the nausea went away. I will be praying for you. God doesn't want us to suffer. I will be praying for the source of your nausea and that a resolution can happen quickly and you can feel better. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Hugs and Blessings.
  9. Welcome to the DF. We are glad you reached out here. It is a great place to receive support and give support to each other dealing with depression or family members struggling with depression. I personally have struggled with depression and anxiety for over 20 years. My husband also has struggled with depression. Both my girls have dealt with depression for a short period. What has helped all of us is seeking professional help by getting the right counseling and taking the right medication to help with the chemical imbalance. It takes a while to find the one that works best for each person. Recognizing that depression is a disease was an important step and seeking help is the next. Then learning what the triggers are and being aware of them. We also believe faith helps heal. I pray daily and journal my thoughts and concerns. Knowing that I am not alone helps me feel better. I will be praying for you and your family. God loves each of us and does not want us to suffer. My daughters are both young adults now and are doing well from the depression. Being aware of how we see a situation and changing our perspective is helpful to feeling better. I have some great resources to encourage those dealing with depression. pm me if you would like me to share them with you. Hugs and Blessings.
  10. I am sorry you are struggling with depression and struggling with the thoughts of being a fraud. Depression is a real disease and more often now it is being recognized as a real disease. A doctor once told me Depression is as real as Diabetes and medication is necessary to keep those chemicals in balance just like insulin for Diabetics helps keep there sugar levels balanced. People who don't understand that depression is a disease need to be educated. There are a lot of resources on depression for people to understand. I hope you are getting counseling for your depression and checking into medication if your depression is related to a chemical imbalance. So often our thoughts can cause that imbalance. That is why it is so important for us learn to have healthy thoughts. I will be praying for you. Know that you are not a fraud and depression is a real disease. I have struggled on and off for over 20 years. I have been in counseling and on medication. I am doing much better and haven't spiraled in years. Knowing our triggers, knowing how to change our thoughts, giving ourselves a break, and acceptance that we are dealing with a disease are all strategies to keeping a more balanced life. I pray daily and that helps too. Please keep in touch. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Hugs!
  11. I am so glad you have reached out on this site. This is a site where you can share and not be judged. It is good to know there are others who understand your struggles and you are not alone. It is great that despite your anxiety you moved and tried a new life style. That was a huge step. I am sorry you are struggling. I started struggling with depression a few years older than you. It was after my second child was about six months old. I know how horrible it feels not wanting to get up in the morning and frightened to go anywhere. I did need medication because often anxiety and depression are a chemical imbalance in the brain. With the right medication you can get balanced again and feel better. But medication alone isn't the answer, you also need therapy. It took me years to find the right combination of medication and therapy. I learned what my triggers are and how to deal with them. The number one thing to remember is give yourself a break, don't be too hard on yourself and know that anxiety and depression is a disease but with the right treatment you can feel better. I understand with your anxiety you don't feel comfortable leaving the house to make your appt. with the counselor. If you pm me I can send you a link to an online counseling group that can help you find the guidance you need to getting better. My prayers are with you. Please continue to reach out here and share. We care and want to know how you are doing. God Bless and Hugs~
  12. I am glad you have started counseling. Give it time, you will find ways to cope and deal with your problems. My recommendation though is don't get caught up with the labels. There is medication too that can help with all that you mentioned. I understand about faking it, though there were times, that was even difficult for me to do. I had to learn to not be so hard myself and give myself a break. With the right medication and counseling I have learned to cope and even more in the past two years I haven't struggled at all, even through some tough life situations. I will continue to be praying for you and know I here for you. God has given me the strength I need each day. I pray and rely on Him daily. Please keep in touch. Hugs!
  13. Just seeing how things are doing this week? You have been in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.
  14. Well I am glad you reached out here. Whenever, I can I will respond to you. I am here for you. Feel free to pm me if you need to chat. I am so sorry your cat was sick. Have you taken him to the vet? What is wrong? My cat was sick like that a few years ago. It was due to a bad vaccination. I also was afraid I was going to lose her. Praise God she made it through that tough time and is doing well. I will be praying for your cat as well. Don't think you are not a good cat mom, the fact that you stayed up concern about him, shows how much you care and how good of a cat mom you are. I am sorry your friends seem too busy. I have learned friends are human. There will always be times when they will let you down. The thing I have learned is God is always there and never lets you down. When I am sad and struggling, I always go to Him in prayer. He will give you the comfort and strength you need. I also prayed for real friends, and then realized that everyone has a busy life and I need to give them the same mercy and grace God gives me and I would hope they would do the same for me. I will be praying for you today to get the strength you need to make it through the day at work. I also pray your cat is doing better and you can find out what's wrong. Please keep in touch. I want to hear how you are doing. Blessings!
  15. I understand you have been hurt before and it is hard to trust. However, as humans we are designed to be social and have friends. They sound like supportive friends. I found an article about friendship that I think would be helpful for you. However, we are not allowed to post links on reply's. If you are interested, pm me and I can send you the link. I think it would be good to give these two friends a chance. Try not to let your thoughts get the best of you. We often make things worse by what we think, verses what is real and true. Try to appreciate what they say about you and believe it about yourself. If you say positive things out loud about yourself you will eventually start to believe it. I will be praying for you. These friends sound like they know how special you are and they care. God Bless!
  16. Just seeing how you are doing. My prayers are with you.
  17. My suggestion is to learn to give yourself a break. I had to learn that. It took me over 20 years to figure that out. Unfortunately, I also struggled with depression due to being too hard on myself. Try not to be a perfectionist and be so hard on yourself. Each one of us are uniquely and wonderfully made and have talents and gifts, but we have to learn to do our best and be satisfied with that. I drove myself crazy trying to be the perfect wife, mother, teacher, etc. Then I learned there is not such think is perfect. I just had to lower my expectations for myself. It is not easy, but you can do it and it will feel better once you do. I am so glad you are in a wonderful relationship and he is financially sable. Be thankful and grateful. I have learned to replace a complaining heart with a grateful heart. It is about changing your attitude, perspective, and the way you think. I know you can do it. If you would like I can share a resource on pm of a book that teaching how to change you attitude. It made such a difference in my life and how I look at things. I also pray daily for the Lord's strength to help me with my perspectives when they are off and not healthy. I will be praying for you and please keep in touch. I am here for you. Hugs and Blessings!
  18. I am sorry you are having a hard time. My first suggestion is don't be so hard on yourself. Your cat will be OK. The most important thing is for you to feel better. Have you gone to a counselor for your depression? Many times depression is due to a chemical imbalance in our brain that is often triggered by our thoughts. After getting help by finding the right medication and counseling my depression has improved and in two years I have not had a depressive episode. I remember how hard it is to even get out of bed in the morning. Everything was a struggle. I had to learn to give my self a break and not be so hard on myself. Nothing is that important to stress myself over. I had to learn to prioritize and if I only get one thing accomplished for the day that was OK and to feel good about the little things. I am glad you reach out on this site. Know you are not alone. There are others who understand your struggle and want to encourage and care for you. I will be praying for you. I know with the right help you will feel better. PM me if you would like information on an online christian counseling group I could recommend. Lots of Hugs and Hugs to your cat too. He is happy your are there, just to love him and let him love you.
  19. Hi Nissala, My prayers are with you as you go to see the new therapist and doctor. I am praying you will receive guidance on what to do to get better. I believe you will get some results. Changing our thoughts is so important. I am glad you are praying. God will give you the strength you need to get better. Finding other things to focus on is the answer. Find the things that bring you pleasure. It is hard at first, but over time you will find things to enjoy. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Blessings!
  20. It is so good that you are reaching out on this forum. Here there are people who understand your struggles and are here for you. I am sorry the medication that helps is too expensive. It does take a long time to find the right medication and it is understandable at times to feel like a guinea pig. Have you discussed with your doctor about other options of the medication that helps? Like a generic brand? Or vouchers? Do you see a therapist? Medication will help with the chemical imbalance, however, it is important to get counseling, to learn strategies on coping with depression, as well as, the root to your depression. I learned with my depression I was too hard on myself. I had to give myself a break and learn to find the things I enjoy. There are things you do enjoy, though during depression it is hard to see them. I will be praying that you find those things you enjoy and make time for them. Also, don't be hard on yourself, depression is an illness and giving yourself a break and not being hard on yourself is very important. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. We are here for you. Hugs!
  21. I actually struggled with the flashing lights and squiggles in my vision. I learned it is called an optical headache. It is harmless, but annoying, especially if happens when I am driving. I notice it is worse when I am in florescent lights too long. I also looked at tinnitus. It sounds like it can be uncomfortable and annoying, but not life threatening. I still recommend you go see a counselor and psychiatrist. Anxiety can affect people in different ways, even physical symptoms. I will continue to be praying for you. Please keep in touch. We are here for you. God Bless.
  22. I am so sorry you are struggling. Unfortunately, I can relate to your feelings. It was like overnight I couldn't even get out of bed to face the day. I had everything going for me when I first struggled with depression. I was married, had 2 children at the time a toddler and six month old, a beautiful house, a fabulous church and great neighbors. However, I could not find joy in anything. I tried, as you said, to smile, but it was so hard and almost impossible to make a smile. What helped me was finding the right counselor and getting on the right medication. Often depression is due to a chemical imbalance. Medication helps gets those chemicals back in balance. As it once explained to me, it is a like a person struggling with diabetes. They need insulin to keep their glucose regulated. Have you gone to seek counseling and a psychiatrist? I would recommend you start there. After years of counseling and medication, I have learned what are my depression triggers and I can catch them before I spiral. I also learned to keep my thoughts in check and not allow them to take over my mind. I did this best through journaling. I would get my thoughts on paper and out of my mind. Then when I was feeling better, I would look back at what I wrote. I also would pray over what I wrote. Other things that worked for me as well: not being so hard on myself and giving myself a break, lowering my unreasonable expectations, and finding things I enjoy and do them as often as I needed. I learned the disease doesn't have to control my life. At that time too, they found a lump in my breast. It turned out it is just a mass of tissue and nothing to worry about. But I know how you feel when you think it would be easier if it is a tumor. Why do you think you have tumor? What symptoms are you struggling with physically? Many times depression also shows itself in physical pain as well. My husband thought he was having neurological problems when he first had an anxiety attack. He was shivering and couldn't stop. He felt like pins and needles all over his body. It turned out it was a panic attack. They did all kinds of test, to rule out any physical problem. I will be praying for you. Please seek counseling soon. PM me if you would like a name of a group who does online consulting and then can help you find a counselor. Also, please continue to share and know you are not alone. Depression is an illness but you can feel better with time and the right help. I am here if you ever need to chat. Hugs!
  23. Are things any better this week? Just wanted to let you know you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bess!
  24. I will continue to pray for you. I pray your husband heals. I know God will provide what you need. I am also glad that you have this forum to support you. Reach out anytime. I am always available to listen. Have a blessed week and I pray you get what you need this week for you and your family. Blessings and hugs!
  25. Hi Beth, We are so glad you reached out on this forum. There are so many wonderful and supportive people hear who listen and encourage. I am so sorry for all the things you are going through. My heart goes out to you. I am not familiar with the rules in Liverpool. I know in the US there is governmental help you can apply for. I will be praying for you and your family. You are a strong person and will be able to get through these tough times. Please continue to reach out and share, we are here for you. God Bless and lots of hugs!
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