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  1. He was extremely rude someone I didn’t know at all. It was like he really didn’t care that he had hurt me one bit.
  2. I've been talking with a guy for a while, who at the beginning of the year was dealing with extreme depression to the point where he tried to **** himself. He's since then gotten help and seemed to be doing better. Our relationship 'had' gotten a whole lot better, he was being super romantic and sweet and talking about kids and our future, then a few hours after telling me how much he couldn't wait to see me threw out that he likes another girl. Of course, I was taken aback because he was just making plans with me for weeks later. My friends kept telling me that maybe he's just trying to see how you really feel about him, but once he told me he actually had feelings for another girl I knew that wasn't the case. The only issue I have is he kept trying to avoid the conversation and I was tired of it and confronted him and he just turned into a completely different person. I know when it comes to depression many people in terms of relationships try to distance themselves and push people away. I think I'm just curious if this behavior he's showing somewhat normal or is he just an awful person with no care for other people? He also told me a few weeks ago that he was doing great in terms of his depression that he felt 100% again, so I don't at the end of the day, feel like this has anything to do with his depression, I think hes just a rude and cruel person.
  3. I had been hanging out with a guy who let me know he was severely depressed and tried to commit suicide at one point. He had finally reached a point where he knew he needed to get help and is currently taking medication to help him. We started out as friends and then over a span of weeks he started doing anything to show affection towards me, he sent me the text me when you get there messages, wanted me to meet his best friend and told me I was his and nobody could have me but him, then radio silence. His responses to my text messages took longer and longer to the point where there was never a reply to them. The last time I saw him in person we were doing great and now he doesn’t reply to me. I want to check up on him every single day because I care for him but I haven’t reached out because he doesn’t respond to me. I hear from many people that suffer with severe depression that it’s normal for him to not want to talk to me but he’s on Facebook every few days and it leads me to believe that he just doesn’t like me. I can completely understand if he just doesn’t have it in him to reply, I just don’t know if I need to just walk way before I get hurt even more or go to him and talk to him face to face
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