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  1. It's crazy how hard this hit me, I literally cried a bit from reading this. It really is a bittersweet feeling knowing im not alone with these thoughts. Well I just wanted to let you know i appreciate you, and I'm here if you need to talk.
  2. Hey man you're not alone, i can honestly say im in the same exact boat as you my friend. For a long time i thought i was alone. I felt weak, and yeah i can agree with you. The idea of dying is depressingly comfortable. There's no sugar coating it, we live in an extremely s***ty world with extremely s***ty people. Ima be real, i dont know if there's any real help for people like us. All i can say is, its honestly comforting knowing im not the only one feeling like this. Maybe all we can do, is be here for each other. I'm not gonna lie, i legitimately made an account for this to message you once i saw how much i related to your post. Just remember, you're not alone, you're worth it.
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