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  1. Hey Dude, i really apriciate that you took the time to do that, and i can totally relate that knowing im not alone in this is extremly comforting, i hope you are safe out there and if you ever want to chat feel free to, im no expert in all of this, in fact im suffering like hell right now myself, but as you said maybe the only help for us is to be there for eachother, stay safe and thanks for the kind words :)
  2. Thanks for your words, it really helps seeing there are people that do care, brings a little of brightness in the worst of the days :)
  3. I dont have many people around me, my gf descided to cheat on me, me and my family never really got along together, kind of like if i was the black sheep so i moved out at age of 15, and my only real friend is across the globe to study, the rest of my 'friends' take advantage of me because i can get them in for free at the club i work in, but they will never bother to check in on me or meet up in my free time, the only thing motivating me to keep going right now is that i still have faith and hope that one day ill wake up and feel happy again. I hope you can stay motivated like i do, because even though i feel like im living a nightmare right now, we all wake up from one right? knowing im not alone in these feeling really makes me feel alot better and gave me more will to fight this s***ty time, i hope we can all go through this together, thanks for the comment and stay safe.
  4. Where do i start? do you know that feeling when all your dreams just dissapear, you wake up every morning telling yourself you a dissapointment, check your Phone but noone cares to message you, dont feel at home anywhere, contact your family for help but all they say is its just a stage your going through. the other day i was out to a party, and someone offered me a drink, idk what was in there but that ****ed me up, really badly, all i remember was laying on the floor outside in the rain, everything got quiet, my whole body went numb and the only thing going through my head was dude your dying, and i never coinsidered myself suicidal but the thought that i was dying, was the most comforting i have felt in a while, i have tried looking for professional help, hotlines, everything, but they all tell me find a new hobby, go excersise, go out and meet people, but iv tried it all, and nothing seems to help. i am 20 years old and my life is going nowhere, to the point that im scared of the future, i have a dead end job that dont pay the bills, noone around me that seems to care, and my will to get out of bed is gone. i signed up to this forum hoping there is someone out there that can relate and maybe even chat to.
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