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  1. Thank you I've been on holiday and have felt so much better, it made me realise how much my job was making me so ill. You have to remember money is not everything yes we need it but not at a cost of our mental health.
  2. StillstandinTall if your okay financially then don't get a job in a call centre there are better jobs out there unfortunately i've learned that the hard way. Uber will be far better than a call centre job.
  3. Thanks Jstar845 glad you found a better job. I'm definitely handing in my notice as I'm just feeling worse and I know it's the job thats causing it. Would just like to never go back but need to leave the right way.
  4. The way I am feeling right now is crippling me. Just feeling so lost and helpless.
  5. Thank you for your replies. I've decided I'm not going into work today as my anxiety is crippling me. I applied for 7 jobs last week so as soon as I can get another job I'm leaving but at this rate I might have to leave sooner. I just can't cope anymore. JD4010 hope it gets better.
  6. Hello everyone! Wanting some advice. I started a new job two months ago in a call centre. I hate it! I should of know with it being call center. I'm coming to the end of my training and really just want to quit without giving notice. It's making me really ill and my anxiety/depression have become ten times worse. I have already taken two days off work due to my mental health. I feel as though I've failed yet again and really worried what my parents will think as they don't understand how I feel. Really not sure what to do.
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