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  1. @decado So sorry that you were in a car accident! I hope you are doing well. 4 years ago I was in a crash and rollover with our family minivan and it was quite jarring. I'm sure that your CO probably thought you were a charming and bubbly girl. He sees lots of people so I'm sure he thought positively or just neutral of you no matter what. Not negative. I thought that he had been curt or dismissive of you from what you'd posted-- and it sounds like that wasn't the case at all. You are probably suffering from the 'letdown' that people experience after meeting their CO's.
  2. @decado, I was thinking the same thing that @HopelessRomantic2011wrote. I don't logically see how he could 'hate' a random fan who's at a meet and greet. Sounds like 'irrational thinking.' I hope that doesn't offend you- but he probably didn't think anything other than 'this girl is pretty nervous, she's a big fan, so sweet of her.' I think you might be imagining 'making a fool out of yourself.' If you were nervous, or asked for a hug, or even gushed 'I love you' - he was likely pretty cool about it and I'm sure he's seen worse. I don't know how famous he is, but if he IS significantly famous, he gets it. He's used to it from being in the public eye. Now on the OTHER hand- if he is newly famous, or a naturally shy person (celebs can be shy) he may have been weirded out by any gushy behavior and love demonstrated towards him. That would be new to him and he probably may have been tired out by it all and wanted to go be alone to recharge. I guess I don't know, because I have never met a celebrity. From what I've read about the experiences people here have about meeting CO's, there is a sort of 'letdown' afterward because you cannot stay with them. He has to go back on his plane and on to the next tour, and you are just like everybody else. It is just the way it is with celebs, I guess. If I were to meet the CO that I'm now getting over, I'd be happy and appreciative just to get a smile and a handshake. No matter what, I'm very sorry that you are sad because of meeting him. (hugs) You can PM me to talk about it, if you want. ETA: I snooped your past posts and I guessed just from what you wrote- that he is a rock band musician. That might explain a lot! Rockers can be irritable, super moody, artistic types, and even though some of them 'eat it all up' when girl groupies approach them (sorry not calling YOU a 'groupie' personally- but you know what I mean about rock bands!) some might not always feel like they want to be 'on' 100 percent of the time. You know? If you and your friends were part of a long M&G, he may have acted a little curt just because he wanted to go off with the others and smoke a joint, haha. In other words, he doesn't know you and wouldn't hate you! As far as your friends, maybe there was a little catty competition as to who got the most attention from the band members. Sounds like they weren't being very good friends in that case. It's supposed to be fun. I've BEEN to rock concerts in the past. I never bothered to go to any of the meet and greets, because of the whole 'groupies' thing. 2 times it was with my then-boyfriend. I just went chiefly for the music and the experience.
  3. Welcome @ViceCityKitty I remember your username from a long time ago when I lurked the old CO thread. I notice you have a Miami Vice avatar. I was a big fan of that show as a kid- loved both main characters/actors though neither was ever a CO in the sense of the word! My CO episode is improving and getting better ever since I quit everything that would bring pics and news of him. But that does not mean the same thing can happen repeatedly since I am a big movie fan. I'm so susceptible to falling hard for a few of the Marvel Comics movies' male actors. I have a few favorites I like to fangirl over, haha maybe more than a few, but so far I'm enjoying it.
  4. Hello all- @musiclover83 I feel the same as you in this! I was here before and disappeared for a long time. I used to follow the old thread, but I forgot my password and decided make an account all over again. I stopped reading and posting a long time ago because of of other posters who behaved kind of creepily. They acted as if they were getting unhinged, expressing death wishes to their CO's husbands and boyfriends, (They were male.) But now they are gone or banned, so this place feels healthy and healing once again. I've had CO's on and off for a long, long time now. I've been trying to get over the latest guy, an actor, so I've been strictly avoiding everything to do with him. It's been working- I don't think about him or dream about him as much. It's been 5 months since I've watched anything he's in. I have a husband and family of my own, but still have celebrity obsessions. I know there is nothing wrong with that and it should be fun and normal, but I feel like I cheat on my significant other when I look at photos of my CO's and swoon for them! I read online that it can be okay, but it makes me sad and unfulfilled when I have this CO stuck in my mind. It is an obsession. Social media affected me again last night. I forgot to unfollow a fellow fan of his and she posted his IG photo. It was a photo of when my CO was younger, in his early 20's and was just getting started in acting. He was so gorgeous! Just the sight of him with his black hair and alluring dark eyes, made my heart thump to the point of physical pain. A lot of IG posters were saying gushy things about the picture and even though they were complimentary, some of them were implying that he isn't attractive now that he's older and a bit pudgy. I think he is just as handsome today! I am in in love with a character he played in a role from 3 years back. I just wanted to vent about how I wish I had unfollowed this fan because that account was still on my IG feed and I had to see that heartwrenching photo. The guy is happily married. I never daydream about dating him or being with him romantically, because if I did it would be guilt inducing. He also sounds like he would be the perfect friend. He's funny and has that self-depreciating sense of humor. His comment on his old audition photo was that 'you can see how I didn't get much work' As if he didn't like it! It annoyed me in a way, because it sounded like humble-bragging. As if he doesn't KNOW he was cute as hell and still is! Right... I'm here for support if any of you want to talk. I have no one in my life to talk about this to. Sure I have friends, a decent loving husband, a family, but this sounds silly. I can't tell them! Celebrity crushes are okay if you're a teenager, but there must be something wrong with me, a grown woman and mother, I let it bother me so much and it causes such negative and sad feelings. I long to be his wife- but that's so, so wrong!! I need to be happy about my own life, and husband, and find joy. Celebrities make it seem like the grass is greener, you know? But if I were his wife I would have to cope with paparazzi trying to take pictures of his young children and have every move scrutinized even though his wife isn't a celebrity. I know nothing about her and don't want to find out anything about her because it would only make it worse.
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