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  1. I removed the link and the picture. It's against the rules for all members?
  2. Hey guys it's me again. I started a Youtube Channel that deals with depressing topics like being lonely, being ugly, what it's like not having any friends, constantly being rejected romantically and platonically, etc. I have had depression for a long time and I know that during certain days when things got very bad, I always looked for sad channels on Youtube so that I could relate to something and maybe feel normal. I never found a channel like that so I decided to start one. Every Friday, I post one of the many sad personal stories from my life. Well today I uploaded the first Friday video. It's about three fantastic little comments that were said to me by my in-laws including the one in the title. Here is part of the first story in textual format to entice you: Okay so the first story was when I was meeting them for the first time. This was before my sister married her husband so we are not relatives at this point, but mostly just strangers in fact. My sister wants to introduce the two family sides together so she organizes like a group socializing event. I link up with someone my age from their side and we start talking. We talk about everything, life, philosophy, all that stuff. Everything is going great we are bonding well. Or at least that’s what it seems like. Then, out of nowhere, he says something like “You don’t talk to a lot of people... do you?”... If you want to hear about the rest of that story and the two other ones, search up “Don’t be offended but, you look like you’ve never had a girlfriend” on Youtube.
  3. You could try running. I've read that does wonders for mental health. Look into C25K
  4. Is talking to your parents about these issues a possibility?
  5. Yeah I agree. I don't think he's necessarily rejecting you more so he is removing himself from the dating pool. You shouldn't take this as a hit to your confidence.
  6. Hey man! Whats your channel? I'm a Youtuber too.
  7. Hey man. You shouldn't worry about what other people think. If you want to go to therapy, you should just do it. It can't hurt.
  8. This is a hard problem that does not always have an easy fix unfortunately.
  9. Did you try asking these specific questions to your psychiatrist? I think they could provide a lot more insight into something like this then we can.
  10. Why did your family abandon you?
  11. I read a little bit of your short story and I think you really have a talent in writing!
  12. Hey man. That really sucks. I hope you feel better.
  13. I have some advice. You can check out the subreddit /r/avpd. You'll find a bunch of other people with the same diagnosis as you so maybe that could bring you some comfort.
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