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  1. Ive never take medications, so I dont know how that works, maybe someone who took can tell you. Go to a psychologist (therapy) can help you. But I always say the same, dont think he can resolve your problems, lot of people get mad at their therapist, because they are not good therapist, and they end up getting more frustrated. Try to re-think your life. But its hard, life its hard, its not easy to get what you want, life can be bad, not want to make see things bad, just saying that its understandable if you feel bad. Sometimes, you going to need to cope, at bad times, try to feel good, find ways to feel ok. Its not an easy thing.
  2. So so. Before this pandemic I wasnt going out much, so, its a bit like the same, but sometimes I really want to go to a park but now i cant. Its ok-ish. But I feel like im shooting my brain off so i can go through the day, and I dont have much to keep really entertein in my house, and now I cant even buy anything, so... Im used to live this bad, so its a bit like the same. The worst thing is that I have my grandmother in a geriatric, she is not an easy person, so I know she is not having a great time there, also I dont trust in some of the carers from that place, so Im a bit upset, I try to dont think too much on this, because its a thing to really get mad. Dont have much people to talk, i cant understand it, I thought some people were going to be more interested about chat since all this pandemic thing, but no, I go to the computer and i spend time watching videos, cant believe it, with the posibility to reach people at any place in the world, im just watching videos.
  3. I know things are difficult. And the problem about dont fit, and all that. The best you can do is try to feel good with yourself. Find things you enjoy. And sometimes, you also can find people to spend a good time. I understand how grey and pointles you are seeing life right now, and its understandable. Try to see life more simple. Dont dont have to fill anyones´s expectations. Live life as you want, try to enjoy it.
  4. Well, so much things. First would be good if you make the process to understand your father for yourself. I mean, process all this, see what you think about your father, he did the right things ? he was wrong ? it was his fault ? his mistakes are only because he dont have other tools to handle situations ? he made things on porpouse ? I mean, what you think of your father this days. Sometimes, people are just able to make things right. Some people just make mistakes, they act and dont think much in the consequences. They are flat. Does he looks like you could have a good relationship ? Maybe talk with him about the past, just start saying "hey, remember when...", and have a very solid conversation about the past, to clarify things. But, you have to know that the answers he can give you are not good. Understand parents, and the past, is not easy, sometimes takes years, to undersatnd the situations they lived. Good luck.
  5. Hi. I couldnt understand completely what you was saying (in part because my main language is not english). I just can tell you that you have the right to act the way you want. Some people tend to get mad at therapists when they dont agree with what a person tell them, dont let that a therapist can tell you annoys you, they are just people (im not saying this is your case, just saying something that is common for some people in therapy). Also dont think too much if general people confronts you. Good luck.
  6. I think this is very personal. You are going to have this pull and back, but you are going to need to still doing things, maybe in short ways, not feeling totally perfect all days, but knowing you still have to do things to feel good, and sometimes still feel bad. Try to do what you can, and feel ok with that. Things cannot be change, try to feel good this days.
  7. Hmmm... I really dont like the rebelion against media talking about the Coronavirus. I understand media is talking a lot about coronavirus, yes, so what ? some say "media makes you paranoid !!", but no ! the media just talk, if some people gets paranoid they have the fault of become paranoid. I mean, ive been following the coronavirus thing on TV and what ? Im the same as I was before this thing happen. The other day i saw my sister posted a photo on facebook saying "Ways to dont get coronavirus: throw your TV", and to me is just dumb as hell. I see people trying to do their best so that the virus dont spread, and others saying "its ok, the media just make you paranoid". Anyway, I understand your post too Epictetus, and seems good information too, no intention to fight you. Hope you are doing good !
  8. mmd


    How to make friends, well... just a little chat is a good way to start knowing someone, and things in common, if you start travelling you can meet lot of people, but be aware of dangerous people. You have fear of a panic attack, so you have to do this slowly, try it one time and see how it goes ! Dont live thinking how this could be, take the opportunity to do it - if you can. Make your dream real.
  9. I only can say that a second opinion is always good. Go to a second psychiatric and ask him if he thinks your former psychiatric is doing a good job, ask him if its necesary to takke so much medication. And also see if the regime that your psychiatric is giving you have been helping you or not. Do you see improves on you ? Do you think its not working ? Ask to your current psychiatric when it could be say that the regime takes effect or not. If you decide to stop with the regime, see if you start to feel worse, so that mean the regime was afctually working.
  10. Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. Really hope you can feel better this next days. I really can feel the tirednes of everything while reading you, and I also feel so bad, everyday. Good luck.
  11. Of course not ! So if some of you are feeling that, dont do it ! Its a waste of time and energy...
  12. About talk with people, try to dont make such a big effort. I mean, talk with other person doesnt have to be a big thing, its just a... just a thing... see what you can talk about, see what other people are interested in, and just that. If some behave like j*erks just dont make a big deal, there are j*erks all around, so, its also a common thing. Like you said, you are young, so try to think in the future, try to make things right now to have a good future. Im talking about school, and about jobs. Its good you find hobbies to have some distraction, so you can cope with the depression. Learn guitar is a good thing. Take care, and keep thinking in the future.
  13. " Millions of people floating in the ether with no purpose", I dont agree with this at all, most people I see are all with a porpouse, i mean, they know what they want, and they are doing it ! They dont have any kind of existential problem at all, they enjoy life and thats it, they just live and try their best to live good. I think some people have that kind of thought that people "are falling apart of each other", etc, but no, some yes, others (the majority), no !!! About if mental issues are getting worse... Maybe, i dont know.
  14. Sorry to hear Charlee. I feel like the way you say, just pure and only depressed, every day, every day the same, a constant boredom everyday, with no one to talk, and not much to do, watching the outside from my window, just going out to buy things or do small things, but no joy. I try to feel joy with simple things, but nothing reaaally worthles. I feel like an empty shell. I just do things to dont feel the void. I trick myself to feel things are ok, but its just empty. Today is friday and im just going to stay at home, because i dont have any other thing to do. Its just wait, until sleep, and wait for another day to do the same. I still dont loose the hope, and i keep tricking myself to feel ok, but my reality is so so far from how I wish my life was. Im all days tired, and every thing requires a big amount of energy and I end up exhausted.
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