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  1. Any other here that joined to the forum looking to meet other people ? Who thought should other people dealing with loneliness so searched for a depression forum ? Asking for people over 26 old.
  2. First, try to dont date again with men you see are bad for you. Then, try to look for men that you think could be good and serious. And feel good, you are going to find someone.
  3. Any other here follows soccer ?
  4. I think was like 2 or 3 years ago, or maybe 4. First i came across that healthful chatroom. Time ago i thought "ok, im gonna try to find a site for people with depression trying to find other people with depression to talk to". A thing that always had in mind, but then I started to persuid it. I joined to every depression group in facebook, are useless. Then I started to join to the forums, ive joined to every forum ive found. I spent time trying to find all the sites for people with depression, arent very good sites. But the big problem is that is in most forums its not allowed to ask for chat, or to reach out, if you ask that mods censor you. They say forums are to ask questions, and another one give you and advice or support. What matkes a big gap and creates a hollow zone for people who are just trying to meet other people with depression. Ive not find a site for people with depression looking to meet other people with depression to have a talk.
  5. Do what you can its the only you can do.
  6. This part of the forum is to ask about things like "how I edit my profile" or "make another section" or "how i contact a moderator". Post on any of this sections https://www.depressionforums.org/forums/forum/69-other-depression-amp-anxiety-related-illnesses/ I think its kind hard to ask if a dog is going to help you or not. Some people say their dogs help them to feel better because they like dogs, and other people doesnt like dogs. Try it, and see.
  7. Any other ? The worst thing is when you dont have any other thing to do, just check all the things you could check, theres nothing to do, and I think "i would have a talk with anotherone", but theres no one, theres just a silence, a mental silence also, its just be there, doing nothing, thinking nothing, without nothing to do about it, its just a land of nothingnes.
  8. Maybe you could try a better way to cope, rather than pills and alcohol. Try to cut this habit. Dont know where you live but if marihuana is legal where you from could be a much healthier thing to do, or maybe some derivative of marihuana, some legal drug. About help, sometimes the only help is yourself. Write your thoughts to relief, write on the forum like you did.
  9. Gräns (Border), 2018.Swedish film. Drama/fantastic/dark-comedy. Starts good, gets interesting, then a bit boring, then bit interesting again, then just bizarre, and the end is pretty disgusting. But ok to watch for a while if you want to watch a different film. Nothing to remember.
  10. "Life is a pointless void and quite frankly not worth the bother. Mine sure as hell isn’t.". I get what you say, but.. dont know, trough this years i see life as much a simple thing, and an enjoyable thing. Money is the problem, yes, that first, if you are dealing with that, its so understandable to feel depress, but, if you have a good money base, then... just enjoy, and im talking about a normal salary, the stress, yes, and all that. And then other things thatcan make life life hard. But, say "Life is a pointless void and quite frankly not worth the bother. Mine sure as hell isn’t.", at least i dont take it that much, life is good. About drugs and pills for depression, i think sometimes people think the pills are to "cure" depression, and not, thats a misunderstanding, are just a paliative, its like think you are going to have abs because you take a some diet pills. Pills are to manage the mood, but its just that. Thats the point of pills. PD: schizophrenia its not much ambiental, its a cognitive disorder, bad brain function makes it.
  11. Well, you have said it all. Feel bad about the things of the past its a right thing, but, would that make you not enjoy the good present you have talk about ? Your husband and son ? What thing you would like to do, do it. Talk with your husband. Prepare a good meal. Pass a good time on the recliner if you need, but then, enjoy the good of your present.
  12. Im and ive been dealing with the same problem, im just a zombie, I feel fine, but about talk with another people cant, im too disconect and with much problems to have a normal talk, theres a bad feeling on me all the time, nothing is good, the constant worring about the present is all the time. Its something persistant all the time all the days, since wake up until sleep. The problems are too bad, at laest to me it doesnt exists me much talk with other people, so I dont enjoy much having a talk with another one, I preffer to just make the talk short, if i were well i could take a momment to talk about whatever stuff with another one, but i dont care right now, just want to focus in the bad situation (i mean, how to resolve it). If your things arent well, the less you want to listen is how good is going for the other person and you listen to it.
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