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  1. Some, but not as I would like. I think is a good thing, but for me just stays at a middle of the road. My idea when I started joining to forums about depression was to meet other people who have depression, and conect, but I find forums (in general) very shallow, in the sense that sometimes is just read a message from someone, maybe reply and then dont have much of a feedback, to me this is more just read and reply rather than have a conversation, its like make a crossword, a thing to pass the time (which sometimes is good), not really a network, but I think this is what the idea of the forum is, but I would preffer something more like a network.
  2. As other times, no one to talk with, and the only here, silence. I went to visit my mother with my sister and niece who are of visit, they went to do other things and now i have some time alone, i check some internet sites that i check daily, i checked the news, the mails, and then... just silence, nothing to do, no one to talk with, just nothing, just wait. Any other over 26 old who also joined to the forum because lonelines ?
  3. Any other here who doesnt have any other people to talk to ?
  4. Hi Heather, are you talking with me ? If yes. Dont know, i just replied you based on what i understand you was saying, i could be wrong, but i didnt want to send you a bad j*rky message. It was a message to try to help a person from who the knowledge i have its just 1 parragraf (you). But i understand, im sure you should cross with jerks over internet and you could think im one of those, as i was thinking theres a lot of people in depression groups that i see they get bother and say "depression" in such a lightly way, i thought you could be one, so i wrote a generic post.
  5. Hi Heather. Dont know the reasons of why you are feeling depressed. But, first thing to ask, "is this really bad, is this really a reason to feel depressed ?". You didnt mentioned it in the text, so i dont know if you know the reasons why you feel depressed (besides the physical pain you mentioned). In short words, "why are you depressed ?" Then after answer that, "so, i can do something ?". And maybe not, but "its this really worth to be depressed ?". I mean, we all can have problems, some problems are really hard. Im not saying you are overreating, cause i dont know your problems, im just saying to you rethink the problems you have and see if are worth to feel depresed. Then see what you can do, ways to cope. And, at the end, sometimes theres no way to find a relief, thats a thing you have to know. Sometimes the things are just the way they are. And you only can find ways to distract, and feel the best you can. Tell me what are your thoughts about all this i said...
  6. I was surprised too about none visual effects, and i drank a lot of it. The trip was intense, it had much more a tactile impact, all the things you touched felt different, just touching your hands, its like you are flying, and flowing. And the way the brain read the things you touched. For example I touched a lighter, and I feel like the lighter was miniature. I was pretty lucid and not much visual effects, vision gets dizzy, but just that.
  7. I didnt had many visual alucinations or visions really, it was all much more about thoughts. The "trip" is pretty interesting, after take the 2nd cup (little cup) of ayahuasca you notice something changes, and you stay sit in a place, and somehow you star to trip, all your mind changes, and you forget where you are, and your thinking starts to go on a loop, and after couple (minutes ? seconds ?) you remember where you are, and you start to think how weird that experiences was, how you can forget where you are and just get inmerse in your thoughts, so then your mind does the same and you get lost in your thoughts again, and you feel a "loop" of thoughts going over and over. Again anything visual, but your thoughts change a lot. The things you feel. You feel an "energy", you feel "energized", you feel great. And you are deep in your most inner thoughts. About that you say about people around the world experiencing the same, ive heard about that of the same visions, but also, a thing thats fascinating is that people experience things like syncronicity, you start to feel like everything is in syncrhony. And you feel every people around is conected. And you feel you discover the meaning of life. You feel like in a community with other people, a very tribal thing. This is experienced by many people. I went there not expecting any of those feelings, but somehow, i ended up feeling all that. You feel in a deep relation with the cosmos, and you feel like floating in the space. After all of that you just feel pretty chill and relax, and thinking "wow, i discover the meaning of life, and now im waking around doing my normal things". Take of all this literally.
  8. Hi, thanks for reply. Ive been like 4 years joining to many forums (and almost every facebook depression group, and caregivers groups too, and etc), and ive not have anyone with having a parent with this kind of disorder. I thing theres many people out-there with the kind of symptoms my mother have, she have common symptoms of brain disorder, well recorded by psychiatry. But i think its hard to people to fully comprehend a person like this, i have a sister (old sister) who I just preffer dont talk because her lack of comprehension about the functioning of my mom`s mind really annoys me. Lately ive been good, and my mother is good, maybe she have some "cognitive problems", but she is been pretty good. I take some things in a very funny way, my mother have a very "bright" humor, and we share the same kind of humor (sometimes). And ive been a fan of psychology since long time, so to me its a good way to practice and get marvel by the puzles of human brain. But at least the house to me personally its a problem, too many things all around, sometimes i cant even find a place in the kitchen`s table to put a plate (because the table is full of stuff, papers, etc). But you know, this is a really particular thing not all people have in their life (i mean, a parent with this kind of disorder). Again, thanks for the reply,, hope your mother is doing good and you handleling good too.
  9. Hi. This is nothing new to me to tell. My mother had a stroke long years ago (10 or more), she ended up with cognitive disorders, short memory problems, OCD (the house is full of things, and she doesnt like to throw things), she cant do simple maths like 100+100 (she thinks are big numbers, and maybe its... 1000) or understand that if 60 seconds equal 1 minute, how many minutes are 120 seconds. Also have anger issues, and a log etc. The house is a mess, she put extra desks in the kitchen to put things on there because its hard to her have things in drowers. She have magical believes (not delusions, but things bit hard to explain, like...: she thinks the phone charger only works on 1 electricity plug of the entire house, so she keeps conecting the charger there (which is near the water of the kitchen desk). And a lot of things that i can literally write a book about her explaining her cognitive disorders. Any how, she is "ok". But, she doesnt have many people around, only me, which is very painful because she doesnt have many people to talk. Sometimes she gets fun talking with strangers (she can start talking with someone at the bank, which results akward for other people, "why this woman is talking to me ? and what is this she is telling me ?), she likes to argue a lot, make "cleaver" arguments, wanting to show all her "knowing about laws" (she knows about laws, but she likes to argue about like in a debate). Its a hard thing. Anyway, any other can relate a bit ? The OCD part is very important, have been washing her hair in the kitchen since years because she feel dizzy when she close her eyes in the shower. Also sometimes doesnt feel very comfortable going to the super market, she preffers a smaller place where she can ask for help and have a 1 on 1 converesation, a crowded noisy place seems to disgust her. A long etc.
  10. One of the most common side effects of ECT is "memory loss", "memory lagoons", think really carefully, should you resign the well functioning of your memory to try a procedure to maybe not helps you ? I wouldnt. The other day i talked with someone who did ECT and have memory issues, and now have to take more pills for it. And frankly, ECT its just a way to fry your brain and it doesnt have any relation with depression, its like try hypnotherapy, a thing that people thought could help, but abondoned, and then other people try to resurface, its just juju, and a money maker.
  11. I took ayahuasca years ago, 6 or 7 years ago, 3 times, the first was incredible, last 2 ones not that much, but the first one was incredible. Any other here who made the ayahuasca thing ?
  12. I would try to see a therapist, but a psychologist, ask how many time hes been being a therapist, to be solid i wouldnt consider someone with less than 8 years being a therapist, and i think thats short. But try with a psychologist, try to see their face, and remember sometimes, the only thing they can do its talk with you, and you just can use them as someone to talk, and feel relief.
  13. I joined here looking to have some chat. Not about problems, just chat, any other who joined also looking for chat? Let me know. People over 26 old.
  14. mmd

    New and Lonely

    Loneliness is really hard, most when you need solid people to be there, find new people that can be there as family its not a common thing, it sounds not encouraging, but if you know this it should be a weight less. People that doesnt deal with the kind of things you deal, cant understand it, they are just not wired to understand it, so you have to take out of the equation that people. But keep looking, and you could find nice people to meet, keep being open with people.
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