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  1. Does anyone also deals with loneliness ? No friends. No people to talk. And joined to this or other online sites whiling to meet people who also deal with loneliness ?
  2. I think you should put clear what its bugging you (not for us reading you, for you), at I least I couldnt see whats the solid reason of whats giving you a hard time, maybe you know it and dont feel comfortable sharing it hear. Maybe you need some time for yourself ? Away from family. If is this maybe you can find some activity/hobby, only for an excuse to be out from the house.
  3. I think you are needing friends ? Thats the thing ? Do some hangs every now and then, with people you care, have a nice time. Relationship with your wife is ok ? Or you dont talk real with her ? Anyway, live with sad is terrible. And this kind of things are so hard, because you cant go and buy them. Hope you be ok this days.
  4. Tell to her how much you concern about her is a good thing also tell her that you dont understand much what she is going through, but anyway you want to stay there for her. I mean, express all your care for her in words, so she really gets how much you care for her. And then, talk, ask to her what is really happening, so she can open up with you. Lot of talk, and lot of listen from your part. Advice: try to dont say things like "i dont understand why you so bad, looks like you have a good life" , that can upset some people. Good luck.
  5. Yes, me. I dont feel that people dont care about me or devalued, but I really dont have people to talk besides some family, which is just that, family talking. I pass days alone, and only talk a bit with some online contacts, but its not a meaningful chat. Ive been like this since 5 years and maybe a little more. I finally get used to this. But anyway is not easy.
  6. And all this past days been null also. Woke up and... nothing, just nothing to do. Nothing to have fun or joy, nothing to feel good. Just sit and wait and try to feel like things are ok. I pass time imagining the things I would like to do. Just that, imagining. And silence, no one to talk to. So, thats my day(s).
  7. Hi there. Maybe is better to stop couting with those people. I mean, now you know you are not going to find support from them. I know its hard, but stop trying to convince them is the only way to dont get frustrated. And maybe find another way to cope, online maybe the best. Ive also had to make more things than just say words to express problems, its crazy, but some people are just dont understand. Take care.
  8. Hi, so bad to hear all you telling. Hope things get well for you. Have you heard of Pepe Julian Onziema, I know he is in favour of LGBT rights in Africa, he (borned woman) is from Uganda, maybe you can contact him, for support and find others like you and maybe to boost your fundrasing.
  9. I dont see depression, I see stress. Depression is when you are low all the time, and you cant get out easily. Etc. But, this doesnt mean you are ok. I see how hard you are struggling, I know this is common in students, Ive heard lot of stories like you describe, you are not alone on this, at all. Its crazy how society demands can push us to the point life seems have meaning in things arent esencial to life. Try to do your best. Try to find the way to find your potential in your studies. But remember how hard it is, and that its not not going to be easy. But you cant put all the meaning of your life on this. Try to find ways to cope and be ready if plans dont result as you expected. Goos luck.
  10. Hi there, I remeber I read your first post and I didnt relste it to only physical atraction at all. I think it was really clear that you are looking for a meaningful and stable relationship. Hope you can find someone, have you find dating sites ? Maybe in facebook.
  11. Hi. I deal with loneliness too, and it really devastaste me, so I know how hard is to deal with it. I know how is to spend days alone, pass days without talk with anyone, etc. Find forums to "talk" with people is a good way to cope. Try to mantain your feet on earth. And try to do your best to stay alive, and then try to do things to meet more people. Take care
  12. Hi there , hope the forum can help you. Sometimes its just good to write your thoughts down to find some relief. I also play guitar. Take care.
  13. I think you are taking the word confident or have self cobfidenxe in the wrong way. This is a simple example: "I dont know if Im enough good to make that career, Im not good at things" that person lacks of self confidence. "Im think I could take a try and see if I can mske that career", thats a person with self confidance. Self confidance doesnt mean "I know Im gonna be the best on that career and have no flaws, its all going to be perfect". Theres people who just feel they are not able to do tasks or or be in situations because they dont trust on themselves. Confidence its not only about think you are going to make things perfect. Confidence its about you feel you are be able to adapt to what the situation needs to be completed. Its a long topic to discuss - Personally I feel confident if my self. That means I feel the best ? No. But I trust in myself to take desitions And if someone tells me "no, you are wrong, I have the best solution", I feel confident enough to trust more in my opinion. Confidence means (by psychological theory, I was a psychology student, drop out): trust in yourself to take desitions by yourself.
  14. Hi , just here hoping you find the way to feel ok again. Good luck, and take care.
  15. Hi there, i read your whole post, seems you been throw a lot, but also I think you are now able to process all you passed. Right ?
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