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  1. Simple as the tittle, ive been without other to talk since a long while, ive been supporting myself well, its ok, but sometimes is just think how would be to have another one to talk, to really have a talk. Any other over 25 old deals with the same ?
  2. Today is the last day to start my "days off" days, I did late some paperwork i had to do so ive lost 16 days, anyway, ive been thinking to go to another place (Uruguay), but, just think about go and dont have any other its just nule as spend day offs just at home, and sounds even more stressing go to other place spend the time thinking on how im loosing my days and wasting the time in another place. Im so stressed about this, ive been needing some days off since a long while, and now i can take them, its just nule. My idea its been about find someone online to can spend some time, but its been so hard to find people online, even to just talk online, ive been in this thing of forums since a year and some, and its like to write messages to the nothingness.
  3. Just a week ago i started vacations, and its stressing. Dont have any other one to talk, or anything, i was doing "ok" past months ago, cause i wasnt that worry about this, but now, that i think i could do something, and not having any other, its just stressing. I can take some vacations, but go to another place to dont have any other to talk, its pretty useless. Please dont write any kind of support message. I just want to know if theres any other in the forum, over 25 old, who deals with the same. Dont use the "reaction" buttons, please either.
  4. I can have some vacations, but, I really dont have any otherone, just to for some days off, without anyone, its the same as dont have vacations. Thinking to go to Uruguay, Montevideo, the place is nice, but, go without anyone to have some talk, dont know...
  5. Any one the same ? I mean, no body. No one to go out, or to talk. Been managing this with this forums and online stuff, but its hard to find a good talk with this things, ive not met any to talk online either. What about you, whats your experience with this ? (Please people only over 25 old to reply).
  6. Any here that joined here to have some chat ?
  7. If any joined here looking to chat too, send me an inbox message.
  8. Any other doesnt have even a small talk since a while, even a small talk. I miss that, just someone to talk, someone you who you like to talk, and feel good about the chat. Any other too ?
  9. For people above 24 old. Any here who like to watch films, and like the idea about make own films. Dramas. Nothing to be competed or be taken serious, but i have a romance with films, about make stories, put down some feelings. Its hard to find good films to watch, lately ive been trying to find some films to watch I sometimes i find some good and others i just dont find anything at all.
  10. mmd

    Non depression people here ?

    If theres another who find this the same as me, give me a reply.
  11. Any here with not depression ? Who just use the forum to spend time ? I thought depression forums would be different, i see this kind of forums too dark and negative, too many complains, when i thought about start looking forums for depression i thought that i would find something good, to conect with other people, like i always imagined, more to read about other people, i find too many people with complains in forums, making question, ive dealt with stress, but not with questions, its understandable those kind of people, but its pretty annoying, another who find this annoying ?
  12. mmd

    Should I bother with Therapy?

    Could help or not, depends on you, if you think its something you would like go, and try. The problem is that someone could want to tell to another one some things, and have a feedback, but therapy is so wrong, cause you are paying to be listened, to a stranger, in a silent room, its not the best, but want to tell to another person things its a need.