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  1. I don't know. I used to go to counseling and it didn't help that much. I feel like I need medicated because I'm such a mental case. But my counselor said that medicine effects my developing brain so I shouldn't take medicine until I'm 25. The somewhat good news I guess is that I'm going to start going to counseling again biweekly. It won't help me as much as other people. But I guess it's a start. It will probably take decades before im anywhere near good.
  2. i dont think i count. i used to go to counseling. but i dont have insurance to go now. just another middlefinger from life. among the millions i have already received
  3. im terrible at drawing and i wouldnt be really good at writing. walking is just a waste of getting dressed because i feel the same when i get back. hiking isnt really an option either. i live in the country. but im basically restricted to this shitty neighborhood.
  4. im basically stuck in this trailer park until i cant take anymore and wind up ******* mysdelf
  5. nope. even if i could i dont have money. i live off the side of a state route. nearly impossible to leave without a car.
  6. i wouldnt meet anyone new from running around the same old trailer park. ive already met everyone my age here. they dont like me that much. nobody in my town really likes me that much. everyone around my age goes to my school and nobody there like me. ive tried channeling anger. it just comes back. its all hopeless.
  7. i am anything but. i wish i was deserving of such praise
  8. ive gone from a hopeful little boy when i was 7, and slowly turned into a monster as i got older. i am a curse. im just a human embodiment of anger, sadness, loneliness, and pure frustration.
  9. all ive tried to do since i lost him is just survive. ive had girlfriends. all of them got tired of my shit and threw me out like garbage though. being unhappy doesnt really help with the ladies. im just too much to deal with. most of my friends got tired of my shit too. only one i have left is one i never see or talk to cause hes always busy.
  10. all i want to do anymore is just lay in bed until i starve or die of thirst. i dont want to eat anymore. i dont want to drink anymore. i dont want to live anymore. nobody in my life loves me and it shows.
  11. she always just talks about how god needed him. doesnt make me feel any better. it just means that apparently some higher power doesnt seem to realize how much i needed my grandpa all these years.
  12. i just give up man. ive waited 8 years. im 16 and i realize i probably sound dumb saying itll never get better. but i dont think it will. i dont feel any love. its all just pain now.
  13. it wont get better. i had my hopes up for eight long years and now i realize it was all stupid for me to even think it would get better. its all been downhill since i lost my grandpa
  14. i dont know when ill grow a pair to end my life. i just want it to end. i dont feel loved by my own family i dont really have friends anymore i wanted a girlfriend but that never happened either. im to the point in my life where if someone was to ask me what i wanted, i would say nothing. not because im happy with my life, but because i know nothing will make me happy. all i can be anymore is angry or sad all the time. it isnt worth staying for. it isnt worth staying for a family that doesnt make me feel loved anymore it isnt worth staying just to go to school next year just to work my ass off for no pay or to learn anything useful. today i saw my house and saw it was dark and gloomy. so i turned all the lights on in an attempt to cheer myself up. my brother told my dad who loves the house being dark and my brother turned most of the lights off. so i turned all the lights in the house off because i was mad. my bedroom and bathroom lights are still off right now actually. both of my parent s are unhappy with life. my mother makes it clear to me. she complains to me at least once a week about how much her job sucks and basically lets me know how bad of a job we do at taking care of our house since its a mess. i do the dishes as a chore lately. i hate it. theres always food gunk because no one does a good job of cleaning the gunk out before putting it in the sink. it sucks just like most of the other parts of my life. i hate living in this stupid trailer park. there are people my age here but they don't really care for me. and its right next to a highway and i dont drive. so good luck to me at finding new people to talk to in person. i used to love going to my grandmas house. but shes been super bitter since my grandfather died eight years ago. the bitterness is just so much now that i can hardly stand it. i miss my grandpa. i miss having friends and a girlfriend. i miss when my family loved me. i miss when anyone loved me. so sooner or later im going to have to say goodbbye.
  15. I would be very surprised to run into a person in real life who actually gives the first crap about me. I'm better sticking to my silence. Nobody talks to me anyways. No way a girl would actually want to talk to me. I'm just a pain in the ass to everyone. It's better if I leave everyone alone. No one wants to talk to me so I will fulfill their wishes...
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