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  1. This combo was very good for me. I finally felt happy and content after two years of depression. If my current combo of mirtazapine + bupropion doesn't work as well as I'd like, I'll consider restarting it.
  2. Hi everyone, Bupropion (generic Wellbutrin) SR 150mg and mirtazapine 15mg worked well for me a year ago. I had good times during the three months when I was on them. However, now I'm on the same combo again and it still hasn't worked yet. I was put on bupropion over three weeks ago and mirtazapine one week ago, same dosage as before. The wait is frustrating. I think I'm going to suggest increasing the dosage of mirtazapine at the next pdoc visit. This combo was so good that I don't want to give it up yet.
  3. Hi, how did BPC-157 work out for your anhedonia? Biofeedback is not very accessible in my country.
  4. It gave me insomnia the first night, but the next few days I would sleep during the day in restaurants, libraries, the subway and even park benches... I switched from early afternoon to night in the past three days and strangely I didn't feel sedated at all except being a little sleepy next morning.
  5. Hello. I realize this is an old post but since this topic is rarely discussed (no one has replied here too), I decide to give it a go. I stopped taking mirtazapine because I was frequently getting tonsillitis; although I never took a blood test I read somewhere that many antidepressants lower WBC count causing more infections. I'm very curious about what happened to you next; did Prozac have this side effect too or is it quite safe? I guess everyone's different but I'm wondering if it's safe for me to start another antidepressants, since I searched for all the ones I could think of which all turned out to reduce WBC count in some cases.
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