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  1. It’s a good holiday I mean I don’t have a gf or anything but why should I get upset about others having time with significant other. The world doesn’t revolve around me all the time
  2. Your profile pic makes you look like a normal attractive person I can’t see that you have problems. Not saying you don’t
  3. Yea I really have no reason to live in trying but no ambition nothing
  4. But if im not happy and miserable why would i think of helping others?
  5. I lost my faith but I like the posts seems interesting battle of depression and christianity
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys I decided to get over it the forum thing helps me vent out stuff since I can’t really talk to anyone about stuff. I guess it was just over my head again. Hopefully I won’t need to website anymore and learn to cope and stuff.
  7. You don’t understand the culture I come from. I’m indian it’s like a mandatory requirement to go get a degree.
  8. Yea go to college and get a degree like everyone else that’s the advise I got
  9. I feel like anything I do I **** up. I’m the black sheep of the family and I’ve accepted it. I’m trying to make my own life but it seems like anything I do something hinders me and screws me over. Speeding ticket still working at a dead end job , and a lot of family events with members that seem to be getting their life on track. Some of these guys are make like 6 figure salaries. I just wish I could find a way to escape for a little bit and figure out what werise55 wants
  10. They just seem like they have more fun always doing stuff always in their snapchats and instagrams.
  11. Atleast you have a a real job. If that makes you feel better
  12. But they seem to have a lot of friends and they have natural social skills. I mean extroverts rule the world. CEOS, Celebrities. I know that’s not everyone’s desires but being and extrovert gets you far in life.
  13. Wouldn’t you want to be an extrovert? They seem to have less depression issues and stuff
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