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  1. Thanks so much the advice really does help alot, it's great seeing other people's perspective on this
  2. Not to much about my looks, it's more of just trying to stay happy when you have someone around you that's always crabby and he's pretty much the only person I have to talk to cause I'm not working right now, I had to quit my job cause it just wasn't working with our schedules so at work I at least had someone to talk to but now I'm home and can't leave the house often cause it's to cold out for the baby. I have talked to him about his attitude and how it affects me but I think that only lasted 2 weeks n now he's back to being crabby and I asked if he's sick of me or something but he says no so maybe it is cause he needs sex
  3. After I had my baby I just found it hard to feel comfortable with my body and to me I feel unattractive so I guess that could be the reason but my body is also having a hard time getting back to normal usually it takes a year for your chemical levels to go back to normal, so right now my period is out of wack and my hair is falling out in chunks
  4. I have one 6 yr old and a 6 month old and most times I end up crying to myself and it makes my thoughts foggy. It's hard when I'm depressed cause It's not easy talking about it to my boyfriend either cause most of the time he's the one that makes me feel this way since he's always crabby and doesn't really understand that I have no libido so he gets frustrated when I don't want to have sex or please him other ways, an example that just happened was we were having a good time playing around and enjoying eachothers company and then asks for a bj but I said no cause I thought he was joking cause we were playing around making eachother laugh but then out of no where he gets serious n I asked why n it's cause he was serious, so like I don't think it's fair to get mad at someone just cause they don't want to give u a bj, idk I find it childish and dealt with an abusive bf for years n he knows that and him getting mad at petty stuff like that all the time just brings back awful memories
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