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    Martial arts, downhill ski, dancing and signing and making new friends

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  1. WolfLady

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    Something for my sore throat ice cream will do fine I'm hungry so...
  2. WolfLady

    Finally i see lights

    Thank you pink318
  3. WolfLady

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    .For the day at work to be over and to finally be home sweet home
  4. WolfLady

    Issues with Trazadone?

    I was taking Trazadone before and yes stuffy nose side effect so now I am taking Lorazepam I take it about an hour before I go to bed it help me with my anxiety and let me have a good night sleep.
  5. WolfLady

    Finally i see lights

    Thank you Epictetus
  6. WolfLady

    Finally i see lights

    There is light at the end of my dark tunnel finally. Not long ago I was so depressed, my doctor was unavailable so I went to the emergency to get some medication well needed. I was working for a director that approach you in a very nice way but underneath there is a bad witch. She left to work somewhere else but before leaving she told me that I should go on prolong disability. She told me that simply because in January I had a major break down and was hospitalise for 17 days in a mental unit. Well that was then and this is now right, also this happen when I was working for her so… She also told me that the reason that I should go on disability was that she didn’t believe that I could support the stress coming back at the DGO office now that she was gone. Okidouki here I am now at the DGO office yes I work hard after all it is the director general office so what do you expect but I could not be happier I report to Lorraine which respect me and believe in me and my potential. Finally after being destroy by a witch I am now under a nice fairy godmother.
  7. WolfLady

    Need a new doctor

    Yep! Floor2017, good doctor are hard to find but... it wont stop me I am looking everywhere to find a real good one
  8. WolfLady

    Need a new doctor

    Need a new doctor I’m wondering if it is normal to have to wait 4 months for an appointment with your family doctor. When I call his office the secretary never answer and on the voice mail they say if this is an emergency go to the emergency well… Got to do what you need to do so… I was on Abilify and Lorazepam but had a relapse was feeling very depressed, wanted to go see my doctor but needed to go to the emergency instead. They boosted my Abilify and Lorazepam and gave me also Zoloft now I am feeling great I do have now an appointment with my family doctor because the emergency call him until I see him I need to work on my anger just want to strangle him. Anybody else got problem seeing their family doctor when requested. I am now looking for a new doctor needed to wait 8 hours at the emergency to get some medications and need to go see my family doctor anyway to get more medications.
  9. WolfLady

    What happen to my brain

    Thank you BeyoundWeary and Floor2017 yes I am staying off the grass and doing much better, just so wacko what happen to me.
  10. WolfLady

    What happen to my brain

    It started during the 2017 Christmas Holidays I was then on Citalopram and Trazadone and also smoking garden shrub. I was on cloud nine and very talkative I thought that I was blessed. My daughter and her boyfriend came to visit and she realize what my husband was already suspecting that something wasn’t right with my mental state of mind, anyway we had a very nice visit for the exception that she told me that she wanted to cut the rope with her father my ex-husband. The next day my husband left and kiss me and told me that he will be back in a zippy. For some reason I was convince that he was going to see and confront my ex-husband because of my daughter. I was so scared that they would fight that I call 911 I was totally psychotic, the police came question me search the house and then my husband arrive from the gym Yep the gym. The police did realize that I was psychotic and left. After they left I was sure that they bugged the house so I was repeating loud I am OK nothing is wrong everything is OK. The next day I call again 911 to tell them that they could come and debugged the police came back with an ambulance to bring me straight to the hospital where I was place and treated for 17 days in the mental facilities. I now out but followed by a doctor and on 2 mg of Abilify and 2mg of Lorazepam and 100mg of Zoloft. I am still trying to figure out what happen to my brain could it be that I smoke a little bit too much?
  11. WolfLady

    Medications / Treatments

    I am slowly starting to feel better I am on Abilify and Lorazepam for now 6 month. My doctor started to withdraw me from abilify bad decision I couldn’t function anymore, so because is hard to get an appointment with I went to the emergency not once but twice the first time was a waste of time just gave me baby dose of Zoloft. The second time my husband came with me we were prepare this time they boost my abilify and gave 100mg of Zoloft now I can say that I am starting to get better thanks god.
  12. WolfLady

    How Do You Feel Right Now? #7

    Feel the same way just want to go sleep and stay asleep forever waking up is to brutal
  13. WolfLady

    How Do You Feel Right Now? #7

    Totally depressed want to go to sleep and don't want to wake up
  14. WolfLady

    Alone for life

    Suffering of depression I found it so hard to let peoples into my life. I always have the impression that they don't quite understand the way am feeling for real. My boyfriend since my psychotic episode back in January, always check me like a detective. Perhaps its me but I feel alone with my depression like nobody can't understand my mind even when peoples show me the best of their love and understanding I still feel all by myself.
  15. WolfLady

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    I am at work and just want to scream. The boss is there talking with is beloved employees that always rub is back. I am not a back rubber so... Here I am listening to their nonsense.