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    No just medication... I have begged and pleaded for help but there is limited support round here :(. I don't have much family and what I do have cannot understand.
  2. I understand this totally... horrible when it happens when driving :/ Getting from a-b with no recollection :/
  3. Guesswho52


    I dare say that this Topic has been covered before sorry if it has. I struggle with wording how I feel in any way shape or form yet i still feel the urge to try to write it down. I'm thinking of starting a journal in order to try and figure out the right words/phrases with the intention to help medical professionals understand and potentially reassess medication as my voice never seems loud enough. I always seem to play my symptoms down but as time passed I'm realising more and more that I am no longer able to cope. Is a journal the right thing to do or should I just leave it down to the medication? Any help or suggestions is much appreciated. Thanks - GuessWho52
  4. Guesswho52

    Newbie alert

    It's nice to know I'm not alone, this is something I already know, yet the busiest of places can still make you feel like theres no one around. The mind is a crazy device.
  5. Ok so I'm new to this. So, is it possible to get past depression and anxiety?! This is a question I have asked myself for many years. So far the answer would seem to be no!. After many years of struggling i have now had to accept that this is life... medication and upset for seemingly No reason. I cant pin point my pain, days just hurt! Alone even though there are people around. No escape from this hell provided by my mind.