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  1. (Up early) Did you notice how all cell phones and websites are connected to a network and they get their TIME from a central source. Who controls that source the what time is it function. Could the govt or some group actually be controlling the time on your cell phone? As far as survival mode, I get that I’m working hard now on writing so that later I wont have to be so dependent on social security. But sooner or later I will be on SSN and their time. I will be a puppet? When they can reset my alarm clock and wake me up anytime they want me to dance.
  2. Thanks for that @lindahurt it is a real blessing. I’m trying to retire in six months and my blog about finding relief from bipolar using music, meditation and meds is what I’m trying to use to make that a possibility. So the workstation and internet are key tools for that endeavor.
  3. Glad to see you here and I am really glad that you are doing well. Me too. I just got internet and a iPad from a supporter of the blog I write and it is fantastic. I don’t have to go to the senior center library to use a shared computer anymore I can actually blog and surf here at home in my apartment now. So I am humbled and blessed. is it a big move? Different town?
  4. i have a blog that i write a post everyday about using w-e-e-d to give relief to bipolar and ptsd. I was asked to write for another website yesterday and i made my first article about my story and new non-profit that seeks to give relief to bipolar people.
  5. because of my bipolar "disability", I got free internet from the govt today. I have been using a library computer, now I am waiting on a ipad/pro to show up this week. then i can chat in my pj's
  6. I can open a pickle jar with my bare hands.
  7. That is some serious social avoidance. Jump the fence. When I am at Walmart and see someone coming my way, I go down another aisle. I also fall in love too easily. The last one took my truck , and I was living in it. I was on the streets so I checked into the hospital. The police got my truck back. And now like you I will jump the fence if I see love coming my way.
  8. Happy Birthday @cherryapplez2020 I am glad you feel good today. take care
  9. Marlboro Green when you need to calm down and sleep. Good for ptsd.
  10. I spent time writing my personal blog about finding relief from bipolar. I love to write. So it was some self love that I gave myself today. (I write everyday so I'm taking care of myself)
  11. Ability now has a generic which I take for bipolar
  12. I did experience weight gain but it leveled off.
  13. Glad it is helping you I hope it continues. I just started a few months ago and have felt better too.
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