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  1. Depression is a jerk. Doesn’t matter how good life on the outside is depression can sneak in. A good counselor will help you find out why, because there is always an underlined why. Have you had your hormone levels checked, including your thyroid? Do you have a good therapist or pastor you can talk to? So many times we forget that we have to take care of the body, mind and soul. The soul usually gets ignored. I know the only thing that healed my depression was my faith. God is the only way I got out of the 25 year pit of depression. As to your other questions yes excercise can help, different therapies help different people, cutting stressors that can be cut out helps, and for me music therapy is so helpful. Praying you find healing -Rachel
  2. This is an interesting theory and I am sorry to hear how rough it has been for you lately. I have been there for 25 years it was negative thoughts, feelings and so much self loathing. I can tell you though that has changed! So there is hope! We are all searching to help us fill that hole....when I finally found what I was searching for my life changed. For me that is God. Have you talked to a counselor, pastor, mentor? This might be a good start. I commend you for chatting about it on here and am praying for you. -Rachel
  3. Relying on people is very difficult. After I got sick I couldn’t drive, take care of my kids or even read. It was humiliating to depend on other people to do things I once did myself. I can’t fully understand what you are experiencing but for what I have experienced I do know how humbling it is. I do have to say though through the time that I had to become so dependent I have learned how to care for others, support others and help others who find themselves in similar circumstances. Your parents sound wonderful and I can tell you care for them greatly and that they want the best for you. Be patient. Maybe find a counselor, life coach or pastor to help you make plans to get out there by yourself if that is your desire. They can help you order things in your life to work towards that purpose. Hope this helps and praying for you. -Rachel
  4. There are some days I feel the same way and when I allow myself to spiral it gets bad. Sometimes I feel alone like no one can understand me or what I have been through, but this is never a good place to stay. I have found the more I allow myself to think so negatively the worse the loneliness gets and my mood just keeps sinking. What pulls me out of that is music (I listen to Christian music), reading something uplifting and positive, or talking to someone like my counselor, friend or someone who will listen and help me find my ground again. Stay strong and think up. You are not alone. Praying for you. -Rachel
  5. Your so kind MommyofPrecious by wanted to give support. Helping others and supporting others is one of the best ways to navigate through depression and anxiety. Sometimes when we take our attention of ourselves things start to get a little more easy to see through. I know this helped me; I suffered with depression for 25 years! But God brought me out of it, there is hope! Thank you for your willingness to help. - Rachel
  6. MentalWorld- My heart breaks that you are going through this. Have a loved one with depression is hard enough but having anxiety issues yourself has to compound things. I myself dealt with depression for 25 years and the battle is hard as it is when it comes to anxiety. You mentioned talking to him about this straight forwardly but have you talked to him about all your feelings such as feeling taken for granted and so on? Maybe think about writing it out if he communicates better that way. If he is not ready to seek counseling maybe he would consider couples counseling instead? That might also help you communicate your needs and feelings to him. Just some ideas. Please know there is hope. I am not saying that lightly I no longer suffer depression so there is hope. In the mean time communicate. Praying for your situation. -Rachel
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