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    God has a Heart. At least, my God. The One I've always known and prayed to, the only One I care to know. 
    But most people who claim adherence to my religion don't believe so. Or, maybe not most, but certainly the most vocal ones, in my own culture. It's not even just the fundamentalists. It's all I hear in most "Christian" circles. I put that word in quotes because it's so patently ludicrous to me...not to. To take this notion seriously. It flies in the face of everything I've ever experienced spiritually. Of...all the evidence, frankly. Love is the most important thing in the world. It's the reason for everything. Its potency is beyond all. It can generate life, for God's sake. And of course it's an emotion! Empathy and pity are the foundations of love, the foundations of the human conscience. Those without it are psychopaths, monsters of malice. Yet empathy and pity, and the love of which they're basic building blocks, are profoundly visceral, primitive emotions. They're pre-cognitive. They are not intellectual, not abstract, not volitional. They can't be willed into being -- psychopaths are perhaps the ultimate, but not the only, proof of that. 
    Also, without emotion, it's impossible to value. The mind can't do that. It's like a calculator, a computer. I knew this intuitively all my life; it's how I sensed the holes in the sensational fear-mongering over AI as a kid. It sounds funny, but it's relevant. The mind is not "higher" than the heart; quite the contrary, if anything: it can parse information and present all options with crystal, chilling clarity...but it cannot weigh those options. No matter how sophisticated and developed the intellect, no matter how it grows, it's a gray, soulless body: it cannot want. There's no emotional (or physical) pull to tip the scales between one thing and another. It cannot discern "good" or "bad/evil." (Except good/bad for some pre-programmed end that it was set up to work for, but it cannot value/appreciate -- much less create -- that end.) Only the feeling heart can do that. (Or, in some ways, the feeling, instinctive body.)
    Without good or evil...well, among other things, there's no morality. And without morality, at least some kind of morality...that's one monster of a god. Who wouldn't have created us, anyway (no motivation to do so), and certainly doesn't love us. It can't love anything, in any possible sense of that word. It can't value anything. 
    So, no -- love is a feeling, or at least an emotion: it is not a behavior/choice/etc. And God, my God, the God who could create love...has to have the capacity to experience it -- and thus, a Heart to feel for us. 
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