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  1. My doctor stopped my anxiety medicine. I’ve never felt so defeated in my life. First they won’t give me anything useful for insomnia, now this
  2. Alone i want to go to hospital...but covid
  3. I’m over 30. I stopped counting to know exactly how old. My phone goes days without ringing, when it does it’s automated texts. I have a handful of Facebook friends but no one likes or responds to my statuses. I’m in a carnivore diet group but have made no connections. Today I decided to just accept my fate of loneliness
  4. A little sad I have to return to work tomorrow. My manager never responded to my text calling out so I assume I still have a job
  5. Calling out of work tomorrow. My anxiety is through the roof and meds aren’t helping.
  6. Take my meds and hope it’s enough
  7. Like giving up. Dean telling me one thing. Nursing board saying another.
  8. My pastors and mom basically staged an intervention. I do feel better though
  9. My two dogs are in my bed. Only things keeping me going
  10. Frustrated. Whoever thought telemedicine for psychiatry was a good idea?
  11. Coming out of a depression. Made some progress today that helped ease my mood
  12. I got 5 treatments out of 10 due to insurance. I had some short term memory loss, like the hours before the treatment. I also had severe headaches on the side I got the ect done.
  13. I had ect. I think it helped but didn’t completely fix the problem
  14. Abandoned. Why do people think it’s okay to just throw someone away?
  15. Resentful. My family planned family trips to see my sick aunt and no one invited me. Sad. I lost my secondary insurance and now my antidepressant is over $50. I take like 7-8 meds, so it all adds up
  16. Not exactly a chat room, but Talkspace.com
  17. I was feeling this way this weekend. I get depressed on Sunday nights/Monday mornings. Realize I’m supposed to be doing something else with life and force myself to make it through another week. Wash, rinse, repeat.
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