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  1. Hello, I saw that paxil was specifically diagnosed for social anxiety rather than generalized anxiety like my last medication (citalopram) when browsing through a medication database. Does anyone here know if the benefits to social anxiety are significantly greater from paxil when compared to other SSRIs? I would think that any medication that targets the serotonin system would have the same effects on anxiety, so why would meds like paxil, zoloft, etc. specifically be used for social anxiety instead of just anxiety as a whole? I'm almost positive that my depression stems from my social anxiety, so I"m strongly considering switching to this medication
  2. I started at 10mg of citalopram and slowly (over the course of a few months) bumped the dose up to 30mg daily. During the period of time that I was using citalopram, I really didn't notice any sort of benefit, but once I weaned off the medication I felt noticeably sad and lethargic for several weeks after quitting. I should definitely note that I never experienced ANY side effects on this medication, so for the longest time I had no idea if it was working, but I didn't want to risk rocking the boat in case it was actually helping me. Is this normal? It's been 4 months since I quit using the medication and my lifestyle is just as solid as it was when I quit. Should I start using this again at a higher dose or try a different antidepressant altogether?
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