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  1. Hi, My name is Isabella and I'm new here. I am 25 and live with my cute little dog. I have been battling with depressio/anxiety/OCD for about 2,5 years now. It all started when I had a breakdown after having had general anxiety, anxiety attacks, insomnia, worry etc for about 1,5 year. Actually, I hate talking about what "has been", because I am so afraid that I will start identifying too much with this.. but for some reason I also have the need to talk about it and to talk about what is going on now... At first I thought that I just needed to take a short vacation and then get back on track. I honestly thought that this would take 1-2 months max. But things seemed to get worse, and sometimes I find it very hard to recognize myself. And sometimes I honestly feel like I am drifting further away. And sometimes I wish that I could just be someone else and get away from myself. I mean, if I could live as myself but without being myself inside, because at times it feels like I am the one complicating things and sabotaging myself. This is what felt most natural to say about myself right now. And I am very curious as to whether some of you can relate to this.
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