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  1. hi all, Iam krishnam the thing is that my sister always tries to make me inferior since childhood and my dad doesn't care about me he only cares about her and his job and his wife. she always taunts me by saying you are a loser and u can't do anything in life. Sometimes it went to such an extent that i wanted to shoot myself using a Glock 21. I am 19 years and she is 16 years. She always wanted to make me her slave and go according to her directions as I am a simple-minded, the introvert guy who only plays video games and plays guitar and do nothing else. and I only go out very often and I sometimes feel that I am lacking somewhere. and iam also not as smart as my sister.....she always humiliates and gets angry on me..but she is no one to take my own decisions.she thinks that she can only get angry on me whenever she wants and i cant ...when i got angry once i had hit her....i know that it is not good to hit my sister but sometimes she just crosses the limit.In my family, no one gives a shit abt my life or what do i want or what is my future plans...my dad doesnt take the time to understand me or talk to me and to listen to my grievances and also what i want to do with my life..she thinks she is a grownup but she is not....i have seen life very deeply than her and i know treachery and being fooled by the ones whom u trust the most Thanks and plzzz reply fast ASAP. and she is also smarter and good in everything like dance music and socializing but not me
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