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  1. Hello, I am new to this site so if this question is in the wrong place please move it to the appropriate place. My question is this: Is there a difference between suicidal thoughts and BEING suicidal? If so, what does "BEING" suicidal mean as opposed to just having thoughts. Here is my situation in short. I think about suicide every day. I imagine myself doing it. I have even researched the "best" ways. I have 3 "methods of choice" to choose from if I decided to actually do it. I've even bought things that would aid the process if I decided to do it. When I get real frustrated over something, those are my automatic "go to" thoughts for peace and comfort. I haven't actually "made a decision" to DO it; but I often think to myself, "why don't you just do it and everything will go away". Since I have not "made the decision" to actually follow through with it (yet?) does that technically mean I am not actually suicidal? I am confused on this. Thanks for any and all info. Again, if this is in the wrong place; I apologize.
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