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  1. I got 4+ GB of DooM WADs and .pk3 (mods) adding to an already great game. (DooM, DooM 2) VERY hyped up for World War 3.
  3. A book on Krav Maga. Warfare is my passion and nowadays, it increased tenfold - learning new things to keep enemies (and ex-friends) at bay; especially now when I realised that I got more enemies than I knew of. The main principle of Krav Maga is to FINISH the problem quickly i.e. totally disable the attacker.
  4. Did you hear the recent album Jomsviking? absolutely masterful album!
  5. Thank you for the response, I really should keep trying this out; even if it's just to develop a new reflex. (As opposed to lashing out and cursing as I tend to do in a non-professional setting)
  6. Well, I recently discovered that there exist small full-featured Windows 10 PCs barely the size of a tablet (they can fit into your pocket) alongside pretty capable guts; 8gb RAM an Nvidia card to name a few. So, I'd love to buy one soon.
  7. Metal and Hardcore. I've been on a Hatebreed binge recently; The same album on repeated listens. I like a lot of bands from the 80s NWOBHM, thrash USPM to present day metal scene hence, too many bands to name. JUST to narrow it down; Hatebreed, Iron Maiden, Avenger, Liege Lord, Sodom, Accept, Made of Hate, Soilwork and Amon Amarth.
  8. I am INCREDIBLY nostalgic so, I tend to surround myself with things from happier times. Games I played back then (Soldier of Fortune on PC is a HUGE part of my childhood) Music I listened to (discovered and loved metal since age 12) albums by Pagan Reign (death metal band from Russia) and Hatebreed are always carried from device to device. I talk to myself alot, reminding myself of past memories. ALL THAT, makes me feel like a happy kid again.
  9. Deathrace 2000 (from 1975) The Rambo quadrilogy (re-watched those films more than I care to count) Act of Valor (the cast are actual Navy SEALs and is based on a true story) Deathwish franchise (from the 70s-80s) Ninja 1-2
  10. PC gamer here, I mostly play shooters and action RPGs a la Diablo. (Seriously, get Grim Dawn; guys who made Titan Quest made it) I've been on a Ghost Recon Wildlands binge; I have a SPECIAL love for military-themed shooters. Online-wise, I am back to CoD Modern Warfare 2, Destiny 2, World of Tanks and Blacklight Retribution. I game on my Android devices too.
  11. The Punisher. SPECOPS Tier 1 Operators. SWAT Operators. Basically, any military/police/armed forces members.
  12. Here's the short of it; I lost 4 friends (at the same time) who claim I have a (verbatim) a "s*itty personality" however, as much as I admit to having rage outbursts that grow in abundance, I believe that I am somewhat justified in having it because whoever lived a couple of years grows tired of the modern world and it's cringy, double standards society; dealing with it usually results in thoughts involving firearms, destruction and doing damage. Can anyone suggest some tactics maybe, for a guy who hates pretty much 95% of everything that exists and 97% of people? Thanks everyone and God bless.
  13. Elitists of all kinds and types. If they had no double standards; they'd have none.
  14. Lazy, millennial snowflakes who blame their bad decisions on white people; thinking the world owes them something because they simply exist. Yet, they didn't do anything in their life to earn or contribute/justify getting something. The perma-victims.
  15. Trying not to go postal when I hear the word "Why?" 12 (not joking) times in a row; in the same sentence.
  16. I think I have that, ever since childhood and even now; I just CAN'T speak at times; ESPECIALLY when people ask questions (though they ask petty, stupid questions expecting an intelligent answer, when you DO reply, they ask "WHY" ad nauseum.) It happens less but when it does it happens when people ask questions and when they raise their voice; I am fighting the urge to get violent JUST so they quit!
  17. It feels terrible to discover something about yourself that you never knew; but that's partially because it goes against what you know/think you know of yourself. It's being challenged. Tell me, how were you living before the discovery? Do you think it's justified? Coping with external things (diagnoses) is best done by getting to know yourself inside and out; I'll keep saying this because it helped me and all I want is for others to be their best selves. Finally, medics sometimes get things wrong and some even make a living with convincing you that you have something and the psychology of authority the medic has convinces your mind on a subconscious level. Just a thought I want to leave you with.
  18. It no so much as the device itself but the Internet and the agenda that releases content. Most websites have a news tab (because "reasons" I guess) which usually shows propaganda opinion pieces. THOSE make me want to go postal; hearing more worthless people asking for privileges and their worthlessness to be championed would worsen depression and anger issues for sure; but I won't say it's the smartphone's fault
  19. When even the smallest sound seems like a chorus turned up to 11. It usually starts from ages 9-13.
  20. A good film. Empire was the best to me since the regular soldier stuff (Clones and Stormtroopers) are closer to me and they get to shine. Heard of the game STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO? The story there would make an excellent film. Gritty, dark war story; Space Full Metal Jacket/Platoon/Act of Valor.
  21. Misophonia is irritation/negative emotions with reaction to sounds; 80% being from the human mouth (burping, sneezing etc) It can also go as far as triggering suicide thoughts, fear, rage, emotional distress and a desire to MDK the source of the sound. I realised I have traces of it considering human speech, shrill voices, sneezing (quite a lot of human-related sounds trigger rage to me - someone sneezing=signing their own D eath Warrant.) The rage reaction is almost involuntary and instant.
  22. Take it from a lifelong loner who also questions talking to people offline (been burnt too many times) considering they just do it to lift their ego, regurgitate tired tropes ("There's a will, there's a way" "Life is what you make it." Jeez, I hate the latter!) like the dogmatic parrots that they are. Sad as it is, but you have to accept that you HAVE to fight alone sometimes because external things rarely help and if they do; they are distractions. As for the drugs, well we all have our coping mechanisms and who am I to tell you what to do. I don't approve it but if it helps, it helps.
  23. Hey why not? Slow morning at work so might as well.
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