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  1. Anyone have any advice for dating with low self esteem and depression? Being lonely all the time sucks :(
  2. Thanks everyone your all awesome. I feel little bit better after sleeping some. Such a supportive community. Hugs out to every one <3
  3. Kinda struggling today and just need to say something to people that understand how a I feel. I wish I i didn't feel so distant and disconnected from people, especially my family and friends. So tired of feeling lonely. I guess I just need a hug since I don't get those very often. Not a goodbye see ya later hug, but a tight really care about you hug. I feel like a burden. Maybe I'm not in reality, but I sure feel like it. Life just feels kinda dull. Also I'm kinda worried cause I haven't SH in almost 3 weeks now and almost relapsed this morning. thank you for letting me vent. Hope everyone out there is doing ok.
  4. yea i dont know if im treatment resistant cause ive never had treatment. I just cant afford it right now... alcoholism has alot todo with that...
  5. Anyone have any tips with dealing with that feeling of not wanting to do anything or have the drive to things or hobbies i enjoy? Its gotten to the point where i want to quit the job im best at doing and i used to love with alot of passion. Such a crappy feeling
  6. Thank you for the suggestions. I definitely want to try cbt for sure. It's just really nerve racking because one session would basically break the bank for me atm so I don't have much freedom to just try another therapist if one doesn't work out.
  7. Hey everyone I hope things are going ok. I haven't been here in a while and want to start posting again. Ive been struggling some in the past weeks but overall feel a bit better. I have my down days though. I want to try therapy soon but I don't a lot of money to work with. I don't have health insurance so I was wondering if it's worth dropping the money to try? I've never done anything like this so I'm really nervous. Anyone have any past experiences with therapy? Is it worth it? I was thinking about just talk/CBT therapy. Thanks
  8. Thank you for the replies. I am considering it but I just feel like I'm gonna freeze up and not be able to talk and open up, which would be a waste of money and the therapists time. It's hard enough to open up to my family and friends about my feelings.
  9. Hey everyone I haven't been in here lately, but iv been struggling. I'm tired of trying to be happy. Sometimes I actually am happy, but most of the time just don't want any to bother with life. Should I try therapy?I just don't want to be around anymore ya know
  10. Yea that's true. In my case I especially lose sight of my exit out of my cave and end up digging myself deeper without even knowing it.
  11. How come when feeling low we tend to withdraw from everyone? I feel like it would be human nature to want to be around more people when we are down for support, but I especially tend to not want to talk to anyone. maybe it's because when I'm feel really low, I feel lonely on the inside even though I can be around family and friends. I just think it's an interesting concept.
  12. I'm not religious so that's not gonna be my thing. I play music for a living so I'm constantly immersed in playing and making music which helps. But I still get pretty bad urges to burn myself
  13. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with really intense self harm urges? Distraction doesn't really work all the time. Thanks
  14. And it's not just those things, it a build up of all the failures in my life. I'm such a loser
  15. I just feel like a complete failure. Not sure what to do anymore
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