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  1. Hey Guys, for those of you who take Prozac, does it help with sleep? How long until it kicks into your system for it to really work?? What are the side effects??
  2. Hey everyone, Does anyone eat sweets and/or different food when they are depressed?? What foods do you like the most??
  3. @Lady Mozzer @June322for me, I have tried things like Advil PM, ZzzQuil to help me sleep. Now it doesnt help me anymore. I have had bad sleep this week and it makes me sad or depressed a bit because of the fact that I can't sleep or is not able to get a good night worth of rest. Sometimes my body would feel tired but my brain is not able to shut off. If I'm lucky, there would be a week or week and a half where I would sleep well like a baby but the vast majority of the time it would be 1-3 hours of sleep or no sleep at all.
  4. In terms of good friends, they have to be loyal and correct you when you have done wrong. Someone who will stick with you and have your back and someone who can tell you things that you may not be comfortable with but you still love and support them as a friend. Plus a friend has to be there for people every now and then. I've been through phases where I thought certain people were my friends during middle school and high school and whatnot but they were shady and would never defend me when I need it.
  5. @lonelyforeigner @velvetpuddles
  6. @June322 for me my horrible insomnia has been going on for 8 months now(since late June 2017) and I'm not in a good state this morning. I'm a bit sad and crying because I havent been able to sleep a good amount of hours this whole weekend and last night I didn't sleep at all. Its so frustrating. During the 8 months I would sleep no hours or 1-3 hours a night and there would be times where I would sleep well for a week or a week and a half and then it would go back to not sleeping or getting very little sleep. I have took things like zzquil almost everyday during the first 2 weeks the insomnia happened(During July of 2017) almost every day and then I tried doing Melatonin for a couple of days recently and it didn't help and I also have been taking Advil PM for a bit and it helps at times and it doesnt at other times. I'm in college also. Having insomnia is very difficult to get a good amount of sleep.
  7. I think I just didn't have good sleep. I've dealt with not being able to sleep for a good amount. But there are times where I would never be able to sleep. Sometimes my mind feels tired and then once I lay down and then my mind stays energetic, which is something that I don't like. There are some natural ways of course to calm the insomnia down. Sometimes we may be low on certain vitamins and that can be why we've been having bad sleeping issues.
  8. Hey I'm 21 years old and I'm a college female student. Man, I can relate a bit of what you're going through. I've went through food anxiety in late 2016 and then in the summer of 2017 I went through stress and a bit of depression. And yeah, I have had really bad insomnia for 8 months now and it's really a struggle. I would sleep 1-3 hours per night and there were times where I would not sleep at all and then you get body aches because of it...its crazy. Because of stress and all those things, it can really affect your sleep patterns dramatically.
  9. Hey there, I want this post to be about sharing your experiences with insomnia or any other sleeping issues. You can be open as far as how you're feeling, how you've had the insomnia or your sleeping issue experiences. As for me, I haven't slept in 2 days...lol. but insomnia is rough especially as a woman and I got it because of stress and a bit of depression. I've had bad insomnia for 8 months now and I would either not sleep or get 1-3 hours of sleep per night...its a struggle. So yeah, this topic is something for everyone so feel free to share.
  10. for me, when I cry, my body gets tired at times but when I try going to sleep, I can't even sleep so I wind up with a running brain who likes to party and while my body just wants to relax..lol
  11. Hey there everyone, When you feel stressed or anxious, when you cry, has your body felt really tired that you wanna go to sleep? Tell me your experience.
  12. yeah I think all i can do is be patient and eventually, the sleeping issue will go away at some point. I sometimes take Advil PM if I'm not able to sleep well for a couple days. I don't take it everyday but I try to take it on an occasion.
  13. i have addressed this with my doctor and she told me about seeing a psychiatrist and/or therapist and I'm now seeing a counselor while I'm in college. My counselor is also a therapist and I'm seeing her bi weekly. I've never had any medical test done of any sort. But yeah, insomnia is a huge struggle and I'm doing what I can to overcome it like i said with taking certain supplements.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'm a 21 year old female and I wanted to share my story of my experience with bad sleep issues. So I've been suffering from bad insomnia since the summer of 2017 (late June 2017). So I've been struggling with this for 7 months and a week now and i still struggle with it. I've been doing 1-3 hours worth of sleep or none at all. There were a ton of times where I would do just 1, 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night or it would be sparatic sleep where I would do 2 or 3 hours of sleep and it would take me so long to go back to sleep. It would take me more than 5 or so hours for me to go to sleep or I just wouldn't go back to sleep. there were some days where I just didn't sleep at all. When I don't get enough sleep or no sleep at all, I get mad or depressed for no reason. I would cry and sometimes would feel hopeless that things would get better. I also struggle with vitamin d deficiency and I'm currently on a Vitamin D2 weekly regimen ever since late December 2017 as well as taking magnesium daily and I'm starting to take melatonin a bit daily too. It's been a huge struggle and it can be sometimes hard to stay positive through the journey. I'm currently in art school right now. I go to SCAD(Savannah College of Art and Design) and I'm a junior. I want to know you guys experience with insomnia and how did it begin? How long did you guys have it and how did it take for you to overcome it??
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