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  1. Please Read

    Thanks for those kind words it helps a lot. Cheers
  2. They will come back, I tell you from experience. Now remember to let the thoughts flow don't resist, let them be
  3. Yea absolutely, maybe mornings where the worse for me, the intrusive thoughts came rushing during that the time.
  4. What Is Behind Your Username?

    Saving Hope, I believe hope is what is left when we are in our darkest and it is hope that saves us in our worst times.
  5. Yea any SSRI does the trick with OCD. I was on Luvox, Fluvoxamine, also an SSRI. Please update us when you talk with the therapist.
  6. I am glad you have an appointment with a therapist. For your question no, I remember I had no libido at all, not even random ones because I was so depressed. Your obsessions can mess up with your libido and I suppose your anxiety is so high right now that any "symptom" will freak you out. Don't worry with proper care you will get it back.
  7. Remember label those doubts as OCD not as your own, let them get thru and do not repress them, in time everything will get clearer and you will regain your "sanity".
  8. Like I said before OCD makes us doubt everything, it is a terrible condition and feels like hell. But I assure you those doubts won't last forever there is way to make you feel normal again. I know that right now everything is chaotic and hopeless, I know that feeling very much but I also know that it will get better.
  9. I remember I lost my libido for about 6 months, also meds contribute to the lose of libido for about 2 months. I felt more a sense of depression and melancholia than panic. Simply I didn't care about that anymore when I was in my worst episode of OCD.
  10. If you are not loosing weight now I don't think you will loose that much further down the road to recovery. I guess that you are actually on the worse part of your affliction from here it can only get better. Of course there would be days that you will feel miserable but with therapy you will get thru it.
  11. Exercise helps a lot for both of them. For sleep my meds made me drowsy in the night so I didn't had any problem there. For appetite I did loose a ton of weight, when I got a better mood thanks to the progress in therapy I started eating more.
  12. Try to let them flow thru your mind, if they pop up let them be don't resist. Stay with the thought and label it as OCD not as your real personality. If you stop resisting and face them the anxiety will decrease stealing the fuel out of the obsessions. When you do this remember to breath deeply and try to relax your anxiety will spike at first but with each time you face them and accept them they will fade.
  13. I am glad, in the mean time I recommend some books that have helped me; Stop Obsessing by Edna Foa, Imp of the mind by Lee Baer and Brain Lock by Jeffrey Schwartz. Hope you get well, there is always hope
  14. OCD is a real torture and I am sorry you have to go thru this but as I said before I strongly recommend seeking for a therapist, I don't think it can be manage without proper treatment.
  15. I remember a time when I was 18, I was in the supermarket and I looked at a guy that was handsome, and I got this horrible anxiety and thoughts that I was gay. The point was that men can acknowledge that other men are good looking without being gay but that freaked me out. I can relate about feeling hopelessly behind, like having a brutal disadvantage against people who have wives or girlfriends.