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  1. Well its official 16 pills isn't a lethal dose. Good to know. Honestly I've tried talking about this to someone. she said I couldn't afford her. Yea I have no hope for humanity left. This will probably be my last post. Just know you didn't fail me, I failed you. I failed you and myself. Nothing left to say that doesn't sound like I'm whining. Good luck in all your endeavors.
  2. Thank you Kyle. Its been ten days and I just feel worse. I don't know what else to say but this will be my last post. I cant find help here or anywhere else. I'm done being bullied and stepped on. I'm going to do it at work after everyone else has gone home. Maybe this is just a cry for attention or maybe i'm too overly sensitive I don't know an di don t care anymore I just want to sleep god help me I don't care anymore. maybe this time I will actually di it maybe just mabe it will finally worj. please just let it work please p;esae please please I don't wasn't to be here. feeling very tiers now going to sleep sgoosby e
  3. I would like everyone to know I've made up my mind. The last post I made was a complete failure. I apologize for that. It happens a lot that I am misunderstood or misheard, misread in this case. Nothing generally goes well for me some might say I'm unlucky. I've genuinely lost all faith and hope of a better future. People are liars. People are cheats. I have a strong decision to make. I'm trying to be honest with myself, weighing the Pros and Cons against my own cowardice. I long for peace, a day where regrets of past failures no longer plague me. If this topic is misread again I'm sorry. Talking has never been my strong suit.
  4. Sorry to have wasted everyones time. I knew this was a stupid idea from the get go. The plus note to all of this is my wife will be ellegable for many more benefits soon. Single parents are far more taken ccare of no more excusses no more useless me
  5. I live in Oklahoma, all I'm asking for is anyone knows about good paying positions available preferably near the west coast WA. OR. places like that. This is very difficult for me I've been trying to look for something for a long time. Honestly I know this is stupid. I just keep trying to better our lives with no hope for the future. You know what? In retrospect never mind. Who would like to hire someone like me anyway? Useless, absolutely useless. I lay my dreams out before you like stars of the night sky. They are for where you tread, so tread softly. For you tread on my dreams. Keats was right. No one cares. Its comically viable when someone fails so spectacularly at existence.
  6. To anyone reading I have a strange request. My wife and I live day to day, paycheck to paycheck. We work combined over 100 hours a week. That being said we are loyal, diligent, and hard working with little hope for the future. We have four children between 11 and 4 months. I know this is a strange request but I'm at the end of my rope. I am reaching out to this community for a new start. We want to move to get away from this god-forsaken state and start over with a chance for a better future. I see the imagination and joy being driven out of my children and the thought of my kids going through what I went through terrifies me. I'm not looking for a hand out, let me make that perfectly clear. Just a chance at a better life. If this message falls on deaf ears so be it. Just know that everything I do is for my family.
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