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  1. Too many of us make the mistake of not preparing before we go on the journey leading to our dreams. Our lack of preparation see us stumbling with every step. When we are young, we are so eager to go on our journey that we think that we can simply learn as we go. We are overconfident in our abilities to adapt to whatever life can throw at us. What ends up happening is that we stumble with every step we take because our inexperience and lack of skills become a lot more apparent in the earlier stages of the journey. The early stages of the journey appear the most difficult because we aren’t sure what awaits us. This happens whenever we try new things in life as unfamiliarity trips us up. While the journey doesn’t become any easier the further we go, we do acquire new skills and abilities that help us move forward more smoothly and make the remainder of the journey more manageable. Before we start on our journey, we must make the necessary preparations. We do this for camping trips where we get food, water, tent and anything else we need to have a good time. Our journeys are no different since the ill-prepared people will have a very bad time and, oftentimes, they give up altogether when the going is way too tough. What sort of preparations do we need? We need to improve ourselves by learning new skills and gathering more knowledge. We must be a better version of ourselves if we hope to overcome obstacles the old us could never hope to handle. Until we develop the habit where we constantly improve ourselves, we are destined to fail due to us being far too mediocre.
  2. While other people can inspire us into pursuing our dreams, we must remember that we have our own journey and our destination is unique.We watch a talent show or hear a certain talk that finally got us to take our first step towards our dreams. We know the pursuit isn’t going to be easy so we search for ways to make the journey more predictable and, as a result, manageable. However, we must remember that we aren’t going to find all the answers by research alone. We can study all the successful people who achieve feats that are similar to our dreams and we might get a general formula. We learn about positive mindset and the importance of hard work, perseverance and patience. What we cannot learn is the variables that are too unpredictable. We won’t know what specific challenges we’ll face and what people we’ll meet along the journey.Since we are unique and have our own circumstances, our journey will be vastly different even if our destination is similar to other people. We grew up with our own challenges and developed a unique set of skills. As we go through life, we’ll encounter unique events that will change our lives and some might be the turning point towards the dream we envisioned. That’s why we shouldn’t rely too heavily on research as most events other people experience won’t happen to us. We should just master the principles and go forward knowing that we must face the uncertainty the best we can. Life wouldn’t be too exciting if we just have to follow the footsteps of other people exactly to get to our destination.
  3. We mustn’t be fooled by how easy some things appear for some people because we don’t see all the sacrifices these people made to make it look so easy. We go to a performance or some event where we see people doing certain tasks with ease. Some of us wondered why we couldn’t do it considering how simple it looks. If we try doing similar things, we discover that we don’t even come close to mastering the basics, let alone mastering the advanced stuff that makes it onto the stage. We cannot always trust our eyes as it can be deceiving regarding the difficulty of something. With enough practice, we can make anything look easy. However, how much is enough practice? Is it a few hours? Several months? Several years? The people who perform at a high level have dedicated so much time and effort but we only see their results. Even with social media and videos readily available, we generally see the results and rarely the process. We might see pro gamers who’s competing in the championship but we don’t see the several hours they dedicate everyday in learning the mechanics as a beginner. We might see the highlights of Olympic events but we don’t see the athletes disciplining themselves to train every single day regardless of the weather or their injuries. It’s so easy to be caught up in the results that we forget what it takes to accomplish something we consider great. Most of us didn’t learn riding a bike in an instant and that’s a relatively straightforward task. When it comes to big dreams, we should expect to make far more sacrifices because the best things in life don’t come easy.
  4. Hard work will get us further than talent alone. Therefore, we shouldn’t waste our time being envious of the talented and instead work bit by bit until we surpass them. We have all encountered talented people who are natural at certain tasks and excel with absolute ease. We are very envious of them since we struggle with the same tasks and feel like we don’t get anywhere without lots of hard work. It’s only natural that we daydream about ourselves having the same talents so we won’t have to struggle as much. Talent is sadly a double edged sword. While it makes a person’s life easier, it also gives them one less reason to work harder. Life can be cruel when times are constantly changing and what served as a talent at one time might become obsolete a few years later. For example, a talented person in high school might find him or herself only average in a top notch university. Instead of wishing to become more talented, most of us should strive to improve ourselves. Many famous people got to their level of fame through lots of hard work. They might not have been the best student at school or the most talented person in their group of friends. Yet, that hasn’t stopped them from reaching the top while other people are content with mediocrity.Life is a lot fairer than we imagine. We can all be famous or be the leaders who can change the world. We must realize that we must make the sacrifices others aren’t willing to make to reach the heights others won’t ever reach. It doesn’t matter if we aren’t born with any talent because hard work and perseverance will get us further than talent alone can.
  5. Our dreams haven’t become tougher to turn into reality. We just lack the confidence in ourselves and believe in the myth of only talented people can achieve dreams. Many of us talk about how nice it would be to have our dreams come true. Despite how much we talk about our dreams, many of us don’t take the first step, let alone the other steps needed to move closer towards the destination. We have so little confidence in ourselves that we only dream about great things and never see ourselves ever making it come true. Too often, we’ve been told that we aren’t good enough. When we make mistakes, other people like our teachers and bosses emphasize those. However, we don’t get the credit for the small accomplishments we make. When we are penalized for our errors and not encouraged for our small successes, we eventually lose faith in our ability to achieve more in life. In the meantime, we watch with envy the people who seem to have an easy time with everything in class or work. They seem to require very little effort to accomplish similar tasks as those we must do. As we lose faith in ourselves, we begin making excuses and one of the common ones is that we weren’t born talented resulting in us not capable of something more. In truth, all of us are capable of feats no one thought was possible. If we don’t have the talents some people have, then we must make up by working even harder. In our society, it isn’t those with talents that go further than everyone else. It’s those who work harder than anyone else and persevere through all challenges. Luckily for us less talented individuals, hard work and perseverance are within our reach.
  6. Far too many people give up as soon as they see no immediate results from their actions. How are dreams going to come true if they stop after taking a single step?In the age when instant gratification is so accessible through our phones, it’s no wonder that fewer people are making their dreams come true. We are so impatient and expect everything in life to happen as quickly as the likes and comments on their social media page. When real life doesn’t meet this expectation, many of us give up without seeing what can happen if we keep going. Our technology is creating an illusion that everything is faster to acquire. A mail that might take days or weeks can be instant now with email. While certain things have become faster, other things still remain the same, especially when we talk about our hopes and dreams. We might have gotten more tools but the convenience only raised the bar on what we can accomplish. For instance, it wasn’t possible a couple of decades ago to share our singing with people around the world. We can be a local star but, to get to the national or international stage, we have to work hard to showcase our talent. Nowadays, we have YouTube where ordinary people can upload their covers of popular songs and that’s accessible worldwide. As more people use platforms like YouTube, the idea of showcasing our skills online becomes very competitive. We might have a larger audience but we must compete for their attention. We have to market our videos and perform better than others. The dream of becoming famous is being redefined as technology is changing what we must do to get the same amount of fame.
  7. We are so used to instant gratification nowadays that we are impatient when we don’t get immediate results and our dreams aren’t happening overnight.Nowadays, we are getting a lot of instant gratification due to technology. So many things that used take days, weeks or even months can be accomplished in a matter of minutes or hours now. For instance, we used to write letters and send them by mail that take awhile to reach the destination. Emails happen instantly and the person on other side can respond equally quickly. Our smartphones make instant gratification even more apparent. From a device we can hold in our hand, we can access social media where we get likes and comments in a matter of minutes. We can also watch videos and access other online resources to get what we want when we want it. This is all made so easy and so readily available. Sadly, what technology has offered is has also spoiled us because we are so used to everything being given to us when we want it. Real life is a lot more cruel because the things we really desire in life won’t happen immediately. We won’t see immediate results after working hard a single day because that just isn’t how life really works. Our dreams won’t ever happen overnight. This might be how the situation appears when we see on videos or social media but we don’t see the months, if not years, of hard work that got people to making their dreams come true. Instant gratification might be provided by new technology but dreams will still require the same amount of hard work and perseverance as in the past generations.
  8. Rickamateur

    Giving our time can help more people

    There are people who need help and some of us want to give them the aid to maybe turn their world around. We should give not only money but also some of our time. There are less fortunate people in all parts of the world including our own cities or towns. Unlike the developing world, it’s not always easy to recognize the poor people in developed world. Families can look very ordinary but they can be struggling below the poverty line. They are fighting a battle many people cannot see. What we must remember is that a lot of these families didn’t want this situation where they must rely on welfare or any assistance to get through each day. Many of them were probably no different from us but tough times happened and they haven’t been able to recover. It’s quite terrifying to imagine that we can be in similar situations if bad events happen consecutively. During these time, these people need an extra hand or extra hands to pull them out of their situation. There’s no guarantee they’ll recover in the short term but the fact that a complete stranger like you and I care can be the difference between them continuously fighting or them giving up. When we donate money, we are a faceless person they cannot connect with.When we commit time to volunteer, then they have a person they can see and interact. They know a complete stranger is there for them and that can be very powerful. It’s not always possible for people to find time but, too often, people aren’t trying hard enough. They feel a monetary donation is all they need when a bit of their time can have far greater impact.
  9. In life, we must be willing to give without expecting anything in return to gain the things we value in life. If everything is a trade, we’ll receive much less of what we desire. Nowadays, we are so focused on ourselves and what we can obtain by doing a certain task. We do things for other people for money now or a favor later in life. We always expect something in return that’s equal or greater in value than what we have offered originally. We want what we perceive as a fair trade for our time and hard work. For many of us, we also feel an emptiness within us whether we admit it or not. We feel like there’s a void that we desperately try to fill but, no matter how hard we try, we couldn’t do it. We try to accumulate more wealth and get more expensive things as a way of gaining happiness and finding purpose but those simply don’t satisfy us. What many of us should be doing is giving more than we’ll receive. One of the most valuable resource we can give is our time because, once it’s gone, we’ll never get it back. If we can use some of our time for a good cause like helping the homeless or children from impoverished families, we’ll gain more than what the money we earn from our job can offer us. In the example above, we don’t expect anything back from those unfortunate people. It’s true we’ll get a nice feeling knowing we made some difference but we aren’t getting the fair trade we are normally accustomed to in our society. When we find ourselves capable of giving more often, we’ll find a balance in our life that’s unattainable if we were too focused on only receiving.
  10. Rickamateur

    Anyone can be a hero

    Anyone can be a hero because all of us can have a positive impact on other people’s lives. It all begins with doing the right thing in life expecting nothing in return. What’s incredible about all of us is that we can all be heroes. We don’t need superpowers or lots of money to have a positive impact on other people. There are so many things we can do which, while it might not be recognized beyond our community, can make us a hero in other people’s eyes and possible inspire them to do the same thing. For instance, we can volunteer at a place that feeds the homeless. This doesn’t require any special skills and usually is just a time commitment. We are helping out the less fortunate to give them a chance to get back up from hard time. To some of these homeless people, they see the volunteers are heroes because, when others stay away from them, the volunteers choose to be there doing what’s right. The question is rarely whether or not we can be a hero but, rather, whether we’re willing to do the right things in life and expect absolutely nothing in return. Being a volunteer who helps the homeless give us a good feeling but we aren’t really getting anything in return otherwise. Too often, we have people who only do things that can get them something worth their time. In our society, we have people who are simply selfish. They don’t do things for free and always expect something in return for their time. They do something for a friend but expects a favor for a later time or payment for their time. Heroes don’t do things for these sort of returns. They do what they do because it’s the right thing to do.
  11. We need more heroes in our world. Unlike the heroes who possess superpowers in movies, the heroes we need are those do the right things and inspire others to do the same.Most of us can agree that we need more heroes in our society. With our media constantly bombarding us with all the negative things in life, it’s easy for us to develop a negative mentality as we see the world around us going downhill with no signs of stopping. During these moments, we feel that we need heroes to save the day just as they do in movies. The heroes in movies, more often than not, possess superpowers that allow them to defeat villains. Of course, there are also movies showing soldiers who make the sacrifices to save their comrades and their country. In addition, we have movies based on true stories where a coach or a teacher changed the lives of their players or students to overcome the horrible odds they faced. The heroes we need more in our world don’t have to have superpowers. They can be an ordinary person who does the right things in life and inspire others to do the same. They might pick a harder path where, for example, the person goes to a high school filled with students who will likely go to jail shortly after graduation instead of teaching at a prestigious private school. We need more ordinary people who perform the feats we normally associate with heroes. We can not only prove that even ordinary people are capable of incredible things that can change their community and even the world but we can also create more heroes as a result since the people who know can suddenly do their small part in changing the world for a better place.
  12. Rickamateur

    Greatness means standing out

    We want to achieve great things and be remembered in the history books but most of us won’t get there until we find the courage to stand out in the masses of mediocrity. When we were young, we were filled with hopes and dreams. We didn’t know the term impossible because we were told stories of heroes and heroines who overcome all odds to come out ahead and save the kingdom or the world. What has changed that made us feel so limited in our capabilities and see so many things in life as impossible? Regardless of how impossible some situations might be, we still like to dream. We like to see ourselves standing on the stage inspiring others or be the athlete who got the game winning shot in the championship game. We still have all of those big dreams we want to achieve and yet our belief in our limits hold us back and prevent us from taking that necessary first step. We are so focused on not standing out that we become mediocre like everyone around us. We don’t want to be different because, since a young age, we were picked on and bullied when we’re different. In our society, it seems like, the more we stand out, the more we suffer. In the meantime, we don’t realize that the celebrities and the great people of our time had to stand out or nobody will notice their great feats. As terrifying as it may appear, we must find the courage to put behind mediocrity. We might walk a lonely path. We might be criticized and judged in the early stages of our journey. Our own mind might be constantly telling us to turn back to the comfort zone offered by mediocrity. Despite all that, we must overcome them all if we want to make our dreams come true and become great people.
  13. Rickamateur

    Fear of failure stifles creativity

    Fear of failure is stifling the creativity we need to make our dreams come true because we are unwilling to do something vastly different to gain an incredible outcome. If we ask people whether or not they are willing to fail in life, most, if not all, of them will say they don’t ever want to fail. The word failure strikes fear in people’s hearts and people generally avoid it like a plague. This all began with our schools where mistakes and failures are viewed so negatively that it’s almost the equivalent of people’s worst phobias. This fear also stifles the creativity we once possess because we are unwilling to pursue anything with uncertain results. To be creative, we must be willing to try new things and chances are most of those things will go sour. What we should be striving for is to find learning experiences that will get us closer to our dreams by discovering our strengths and capitalizing on them. When the outcome is below expectations, we see ourselves as failing in something. This sort of mindset often stop us from starting an endeavor before it even begins. We convince our mind all the worst case scenarios that are possible if we take the first step so we are eventually persuaded that the best course of action is never taking that first step at all. When we talk about great people, we often find them standing out from the rest. They might have done something vastly different and that gave them the edge to rise above the others chasing similar dreams. When we allow the fear of failure control our every move, we are doomed to do the same old activity we’ve been doing for years, if not decades, and we’d be insane if we expect a different outcome one day.
  14. Education is important but the newer generations aren’t getting it at their schools due to how severely schools punish mistakes and force people into their comfort zone. We associate education with schools but the newer generations aren’t acquiring the skills and knowledge to prepare them for adulthood. Many of those graduating from high schools and colleges still find themselves ill-prepared for the cruel world we live in. After all, they were given the impression that the education they got was all they needed to find success in life. One major reason for this poor preparation is how schools view mistakes. We have all taken tests and making mistakes cost us marks. If we make too many mistakes, we fail the test and feel like a failure. The fear of making mistakes forces people to stay within their comfort zone and do what they are good at. Sadly, the comfort zone doesn’t adapt to the real world. Our world is changing so rapidly due to technology. Changes that once took a decade might only require a few weeks nowadays. The comfort zone we formed when we were in high school was suitable a few years ago but, once we enter post secondary, we find this comfort zone so outdated that it hurts us more than it aids us. Yet, the emphasis on avoiding mistakes at schools make us unwilling to get out of our outdated comfort zone. The uncertainty freezes us in our tracks and most of us cannot be coaxed into facing the unknown. We might know that we aren’t moving forward in life but we hold onto the diminishing hope that our comfort zone is still our only sanctuary in this world.
  15. We deny future generations of opportunities by eliminating school programs and courses due to poor funding. Do the children really need more obstacles in life? We can understand that life is filled with many obstacles and, more often than not, those obstacles help us grow and improve. If everything good in life was simply handed to us, we’d never appreciate them and feel grateful of the situation we’re in. However, we don’t need more obstacles in the paths of future generations as they try to find their purpose in life. Being a child has its blessings but it’s not always easy. We all have vastly different experiences with some children living in families struggling with poverty. Poverty already makes it difficult for these children to participate in afterschool programs or courses that can potentially teach them valuable skills they will need moving forward.When schools are underfunded, programs and courses are cut resulting in the children being harmed. It’s one thing for their families to struggle in getting into the programs but it’s a whole different battle when such programs no longer exist. Without such opportunities early on, many of our children simply lack the development needed to tackle their future challenges. By neglecting the development of our children and youths, we are paying the price with so many potentials lost. We see young adults who enter society unprepared for the cruel world we live in. They want to be much more but the various obstacles in their path simply overwhelmed them to a point where moving forward was no longer possible.