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  1. Hi, just accidentally found this forum, so I thought it would be nice to hear second opinions. Since about 6 months ago, I started feeling what I would see as depressed. With more direct and indirect phases, and progressively more frequent. When i had stuff to do, it kinda went away, like in school for example, but as soon as I had less stuff to do, the trigger happy person who suddenly had no interest in hobbies regularly done before would arrive. As a person who always disliked attention grabbing people, I still can't 'decide' if I myself am doing all of this for the attention, and suddenly started hating myself for thinking/feeling all of this. Could also be the hormon change, as I am 18. Thanks for reading! EDIT: Also, as I am male, i naturally feel the need to suppress these emotions, so it's an extra burden to walk around with.
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