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  1. Why do some people have it all? They are under their 30's with a big wedding, have no mental illness, go on big vacations, easy for them to date each other with their impressive social skills, were very popular in high school, live life like there's no tomorrow, etc. While people like me who are 30 years old and are ridiculed by outgoing and normal people for being socially ********. I asked a girl at work for her text message number the other day which she provided. Now the next day, she disrespects me and gives me angry stares. I never even texted her yet. Why is dating so difficult for me? Makes me upset that people like me have to take 6 different medications to stay alive, while that girl brags that she never had to work a clerical job in her life and was instantly hired for a high position after graduating from college. She also looked down on me for still living with my parents. She says I'm embarrassing the Asian race.
  2. How do I permanently give up my dream to make it into Hollywood as the creator of an animated series? I suffer from major depressive disorder, but I now work full-time as a data entry clerk for the government. I am grateful to have a job to pay off student loans from art school. But I still have that desire to want to enter Hollywood and make it famous. It is easier for me to come up with cartoon ideas than it is to suppress my crazy dream to make it into famous-land. I don't want to continue my creative career anymore because of the stigma associated with Hollywood: famous people are rich and selfish and they act stupid and immature.
  3. I used to be so creative and energetic when I was in my early 20's. I used to create picture book illustrations and stop-motion animations for children and I was sooo energetic and enthusiastic back then. And I had hope for a successful future. Now ten years later, I have a boring office job and still no-break in the entertainment industry, and of course with major depressive disorder, my mind's a mess and I have too many cluttered ideas and I don't know which idea to follow. I am struggling to find the energy and motivation to start and fully complete a project. Why does this have to be so difficult for me now?
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