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  1. Thank you all for your replies and support. I think the cause of my confusion is reading so much stuff online. For example, I read somewhere that having romantic fantasies of the same gender (mine was more romantic than sexual) means that it indicates same gender attraction more than just sexual fantasies and then I analysed if I felt attracted to the two celebrity women that I romantically fantasized about in real life and I didnt feel anything and I still do not feel anything for them to the point that I havent fantasized about them for a long time (when I did it was 1-3 times and then it stopped being an interesting fantasy). So I keep ruminating what attraction is and if being attracted to the two celebrity women a few times in fantasy but not feeling anything for them in real life is truly attraction? At this point I am so confused that I dont even know if I am making sense. And I get the feedback on fantasies but are you all saying that real life feeling is what your sexual orientation is based on? I don't even know what I should base it on now. I have no desire for the two celebrity women in reall life or any women in real life but some conflicting stuff online said that being turned on and specifically thinking of these celebrity women means that I should come out a bi romantic and I dont have a problem with that at all but am i biromantic if I know I wont ever be with a woman in real life (because I have zero desire to be with a woman in real life including if the opportunity came up to be with the celebrity women and because this how I have felt all my life and whilst it could change, it hasn't). I have taken up aot of peoples time so dont feel obligated to respond, im just rambling.
  2. Hey, thanks a lot for your reply and support. The thing is depending on my mood if I watch lesbian sexual content I can get aroused. In real life, no there arent any feelings towards women at all and I've analysed it for the past year and found that no matter how much I tried I couldnt connect the active fantasies to real life attraction to women. There is jsut nothing there. So I know that I like men in real life at least romantically and have no desire to experiment with women in real life so I know that much about my sexuality. However, I can't hep but analyse why I have fantasized about people in a active way meaning not just some dream in my sleep but intentional fantasies. Can I ask those-the celebrity women I have actively fantasized about are real life people though, in that they do exist. So wouldn't it be classed as attraction since those women do exist and I have had active romantic fantasies about them that turned me on? I know this whole topic may be really simple for many people but I really think my learning comprehensive problems prevent me most times from grasping simple things let alone more complex matters. That or I am waking around undiagnosed with a mental health problem because all this confusion has stopped me from living me life being comfortable in my own identity. I know identity may not matter to some people, but it really does for me as it makes me feel like I know myself. I can't just accept not knowing why I do things because then its living life in an unconscious state. If I liked women in real life, this whole issue would be much easier to deal with as I wouldn't be confused and could just be me. Sorry for rambling...just wished this confusion would leave me.
  3. Hey, I joined today and grateful to find a place to just write out some of my concerns. I am in my mid 20's and finding life difficult right now due to confusion over my sexuality. I've posted in the lgbt section as I thought it was more relevant there- hope that's cool. Wishing everyone going thru a rough time, better days. It rough battling with your mind, it really is.
  4. Thread Tools Display Modes Hi everyone, I am a woman in my mid 20s who is also a virgin with no experience of dating (this is a choice I have made for non religious reasons). I consider myself romantically attracted to real life men but I dont really form sexual attraction to anyone outside of my fantasies. In contrast, I feel no romantic or sexual attraction to real life women at all. In the past a few times (maybe 1-3 times) I had active (meaning I was awake) romantic fantasies of being with celebrity women (actress and an athlete) and imagined being in a dating relationship (living together, kissing etc) and I was turned on. Yet as soon as the fantasy was done I couldnt help but laugh at it because I have no real life attraction towards these women but I have been watching lesbian movies/content and maybe it got me curious at to what it would be like but it doesn't crossover to any real life desire. My question is does actively fantasizing about being with these celebrity women mean that I am attracted to them? Yes/no? And if so how come in real life I feel no desire for them romantically or sexually? Pls if anyone can answer this one question as it been really hard working the complex situation out on my own as I have no knowledge on sexuality and I also have learning difficulties which mean that I can only comprehend basic Yes/No type of information. I tried reading stuff online and it only add to my confusion. I just want to figure this confusion out.This has really taken a toll on my life as it has led to a full identity crisis.I dont know who I am anymore. I am no longer the fun free spirited person anymore, I keep overanalysing if I like the celebrity women and then when I know I dont I keep thinking why did you get turned on about fantasizing about them then and then I keep thinking do I like other women I see everyday but the answer is NO but I cant figure out the fantasies and if they mean I am attracted to the celebrity women because I got turned on? Thread Tools Display Modes
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