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  1. I would not recommend doing it if you are semi-functional, able to work at all or anything other than paralyzed. The government limits your income to $2,000 or less at all times if you get it, putting you in a poverty trap for life. Also, if you medically improve, you could end up OWING the government money, like $5,000. Trust me, it is not a real blessing.
  2. I would not recommend applying to SSI in the U.S. if you can work at all. They limit your income to $2,000 or less at all times and you will be stuck in poverty for the rest of your life. Also, you can end up OWING the government money if you medically improve. Such as owing the government $5,000 in a real nightmare. Trust me, it's not a real blessing if you are anything other than paralyzed.
  3. Waking up another miserable day after having only slept 4 hours because of your depression. Becoming miserable because your skin is looking old and wrinkly from lack of sleep even though you aren't that old. Working barely above minimum wage jobs a couple of times a week because that's all you can do an you have almost no money for food so look even more old and worn, almost deathly.
  4. Of course a "Happy Light" light box also helps. But check to be sure or be concerned that you do not have bipolar depression and just regular depression or your light box can make you too happy and trigger a manic episode.
  5. Excercise until your mood is elevated then get tired and sleep. Do this every day. It's that simple.
  6. Branded Surveys, taking surveys from home.
  7. If I'm in love with a man I hope he knows it's okay to cry and feel like sometimes. Hopefully he'd feel okay talking to me rather than bottling things up inside. Sometimes being alone helps though, just so people can think.
  8. Excercise. I use to take pills but exercise is a lot more effective with less side effects.
  9. I have worked for a temp agency for the past six years. I don't feel like I can handle a permanent job because every time I try, I get depressed. I was given disability (SSI) about six years ago as well. I like working for the temp agency because if someone doesn't like you at work, or notices that you get depressed, you can just move on to the next contract, city, town... My mom and brother don't seem to understand this and don't believe that I should only be working as a temp. They think that I need to get a full-time job as a data entry specialist or bookkeeper, which I don't think I can do. I have a college degree in journalism and have applied at four papers but was not hired by them. I think that one problem may be my dark skin. Although I am an American, because of my dark skin, people assume I have poor language skills before they even get to know me. Is there anything wrong with working as a business contractor for temp agencies?
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