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  1. Hello! Yes, it did get better for me especially after we settled on the correct dose for me which ended up being 100 mg. Hang in there! I know it is hard to experience what seems like your symptoms are amplified but your brain chemistry is literally changing so it takes time. Try not to get get nervous or anxious. I have found that getting up and doing things such as going for a walk or even cleaning the house helped to diffuse the energy and get my mind off the excess energy. Best wishes to you! Oh, one more thing, I found that seeing my therapist and psychiatric nurse frequently during this time helped immensely!
  2. Hello! I am new here. I started taking Zoloft a month ago (25 mg) for anxiety and worry. I have been feeling good, increases appetite and generally happy. I was still feeling anxious so my doctor upped me starting today (50 mg.) I take Zoloft when I wake up in the morning. By the afternoon I feel quite restless like I could run a marathon. I’ve always been a leg tapper and I am tapping all day now to channel this excessive energy. Has anyone else experienced this feeling? How long did it last? Thanks!
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