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  1. Sober, you have not failed because you just do not want to start a family with anyone. You want the right one baby. Hang in there and good things can happen to you.
  2. Wow, it is hard to do but it can be done
  3. You, are so right my granddaughter asked me on yesterday why do I sleep so much. I said baby grandpa be tired from working all the time. But in reality it’s my depression and I just want to be to myself. My foster daughter said the same thing about me 13 years ago that I sleep all the time. So when my granddaughter said it it gave me flashbacks that I do suffer from mental illness but I do the best I can with it. I am so grateful that my wife has put up with me for over twenty- eight years.
  4. You know if I did not reach out to other hurting people I would not have anyone to talk to me. People only seem to need me when they needs help, but it is ok. I like having their company and I like helping others. They are not taking advantage of me because I love to help if I can. I chose to take the road less travel.
  5. I do totally agree the tv caster should have used a better choice of words
  6. I totally can relate to what you are saying that it would be nice if some people reached out to you instead of you always having to reach out to others
  7. I had a dream that I was at a night club and some people was shooting at somebody and the gunmen ran into me. I started crying because I did not want to die
  8. Wow, well I hate to hear this my friend and hopefully things will work out the best for you and the family. Be blessed my friend and try to get some rest
  9. I am not my best today I am in pain and it will not go away,but I am still trying to smile as much as I can. While I serve the people in the CCU. It's tough sometimes fighting physical pain, depression and anxiety at the same time.
  10. Wow, well described and thanks for helping me to understand it a little better
  11. I totally understand what you are saying because at times I feel like I am just staring into space and I am stuck. My emotions are not all there and I feel like I do not fit into anything.
  12. My friend, I learned along time ago when I first begin to realize that I have mental health issues. That if you want to feel better just help others and it takes your mind off of your own problems. It makes you feel a little bit better about your life.
  13. Being nice to hurting people today made me smile because I realized that even though I might be hurting and going through. I still can be a blessing to someone else.
  14. Awesome, I am so glad that you get it. Because if we understood our conditions and how we affect each other we would not be so down on ourselves when others do not accept us. It is their lost to know a wonderful and unique person like ourselves. So, therefore do not allow negative people to live in your head. There is no room in our mind for their mess.
  15. We might not realize it but each one of us are uniquely made. So, try to look at yourself different. It is not what others can do for you but it is what you can do for them. People need to know about how our lives are so much different from so many others.We lay down with mental illness and we wake up with it everyday and it’s a struggle to just get through the day.
  16. Hang in there my friend and hopefully things will begin to get better for you
  17. Wow, I hope that you can find comfort and a peace of mind as you move forward with your life
  18. Bacon cheeseburger with barbecue sauce on it with curly fries and a large coke.
  19. Oscar, you and Violeteyes are two very bright lights for all of us to try to build upon our inner strength
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